New Music: Shvllows

4th September 2016

Throw your fingerless-gloved fists up in the air and hop into your convertible, because retro pop banger Zurich is a total call-back to the classic style of the ‘80s. Hailed as, “The UK's hot new answer to 80's electro pop“, Edinburgh born indie electro quartet Shvllows are officially kicking ass with this latest single. Zurich, which is released on September 16th on Choose Rude Records, is an uplifting and anthemic release, keeping an up-tempo and positive summery vibe whilst lyrically discussing the issues of anxiety and self-doubt.
This track is totally irresistible, managing to be completely addictive and catchy despite being written without an in-your-face hook. Zurich is a booming mix of synth loops building into an epic shredding of Van Halen-esque guitars and powerful falsetto vocals that Tears for Fears would be proud of. Calling out the likes of EverythingEverything and The 1975 as major influences, Shvllows have done a great job of following in their footsteps and crafting an infectious pop song whilst still having the lyrical prowess to convey a decent message.

After binge-watching Stranger Things on repeat and being a huge fan of the Drive soundtrack, I am completely behind Shvllows here, and loving the whole homage to the greats of the ‘80s synth-fuelled music scene. Zurich is simply a glorious revitalisation of a genre that is constantly plagued by mediocrity and opportunism, and Shvllows are masters of their craft, worthy of the hype they have received recently.
Following on from their debut single, Shake, they sneaked into the Made in Chelsea soundtrack last week joining the catalogue with the likes of VITAMIN, Palace Winter and Natives; all previous newcomers that we have championed here at Candid Magazine. Shvllows are now poised to make a name for themselves as the synth-pop kings of 2016 and are next playing live in Edinburgh on October 15th.

Words by Morton Piercewright

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