New Music: Pink Milk

5th June 2016

Swedish indie-rock duo, Pink Milk, bring a drenching of nostalgia with their new offering, Detroit. Loud and dreamy guitar riffs and howling reverbs, this track just screams ‘90s rock. Heralding from Gothenburg, Sweden, the band is made up of Maria on drums and vocals, and Edward on guitar, and they are not quite what would be expected from a band called Pink Milk. The not so sugary sweet pair cast a dark and wild spell over the song; creating gloomy cinematic soundscapes, with pounding drums, effervescent vocals, pop hooks and shoegaze guitars.
The group is inspired by the gothic minimalism of ‘90s indie-rock acts like The Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as cult movies like Twin Peaks and the work of Sofia Coppola. Their latest single radiates with the charm of these nineties icons. It is the type of record that would be expected to be found on The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, mirroring the painful, melancholic youth of the film with their effortlessly retro style. Production wise it is loud and messy, but this makes it all the more raw and striking. It is a track that sticks with the listener in a good way.

Detroit is written to a childhood friend. Reminiscing of when they were kids, trying to be cool, smoking candy, blowing fake smoke and dreaming about freedom – doesn’t everyone? For those that haven’t heard Pink Milk before, it is definitely worth checking out their cover of Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is, as they have taken this cheesy power-ballad and made it their own. Again they have mastered the dreamy shoegaze ‘90s style, and Maria’s vocals, full of pain and angst complete the piece.  Also be sure to check out the video, which features lo-fi ‘80s cinematography and animations from one half of the band, Maria, you won’t be disappointed.
Detroit will be released soon via Woah Dad!
Words by Lauren E. Hewitt

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