New Music: Pale Honey

26th February 2017

Swedish indie rock duo Pale Honey have returned with a fresh new single Why Do I Always Feel This Way? which was released on February 10th on Bolero Recordings. It is a coolly poised synth record that occupies a similar musical landscape to the likes of The xx and PJ Harvey.

Hailing from Gothenberg, Pale Honey comprises of guitarist Tuva Lodmark and drummer Nelly Daltrey. The two have been performing together since elementary school, after bonding over a mutual love for bands like Queens of the Stone Age. Though the sound may have progressed since those early days, they have still maintained a similar stripped back, minimalist approach. Since the release of their critically acclaimed self titled debut album, the songstresses have built up a following through their European tours which have included sell out shows in the UK.

Recorded with producer Anders Lagerfos in their hometown, Why Do I Always Feel This Way sees the Scandinavian girls swap their usual energetic grungy guitar sound for more of a smooth electro pop soundscape. Themes of love, denial and jealousy are furtively explored as Tuva Lodma’s velvety vocals wrap effortlessly around the melody, ‘Was it all for her? Then what about me? I will never learn, I can not compete.’ We can hear the yearning fester as the track goes on, where Tuva’s singing grows from a gentle whimper to a carefully controlled howl, as if the fury is prising its way through the cracks of the facade.

The song may come as a bit of a surprise to fans who have been awaiting new material with similar rawness and energy as their previous offering Real Thing, especially coming from a band that state on their Facebook page: “We can headbang at 2040 bpm (bangs per minute) but you will never see it.” However, it seems like this is comfortable progression for the duo, appearing like an easy transition, as if they are already masters of their sound. No doubt Why Do I Always Feel This Way will satisfy more than just fans of PJ Harvey and The xx, and with the release of their next LP on the horizon, let us hope we can hear more of this atmospheric side to Pale Honey.

Words by Dean Robinson

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