New Music: Nerve Leak

30th April 2016

DR34M5 is the new record from Brooklyn based producer and singer/songwriter Nerve Leak, aka twenty-three year old Sam Friedman. Taking inspiration from FKA Twigs not only in the spelling of the track – you can’t forget Twig’s astonishing EP M3LL155X, but also with his trap infused beats and electronic sound, this is a young artist that is worth paying attention to. Friedman initially started creating music under the title Nerve Leak as a personal outlet away from the indie-post-rock bands he was fronting within the Virginia music scene. Creating a more human electronic mix this initially private project soon gained traction and has since been released around the world.
Nerve Leak
Taking inspiration from artists like Twigs, The Weeknd and James Blake, who have lead the way for this fresh genre bridging music, Friedman creates music that has indie, trap, hip-hop and electronic influences. The release itself is laden with heavy trap beats, synth elements, and atmospheric reverbs, whilst manipulating the ethereal falsetto vocals that give you strong The Weeknd vibes. This confessional song tells the story of being caught up in a new love whilst ultimately having to pull away to mend unhealed wounds from a past one. It is honest and relatable, a ballad of conflicting emotions for the 21st century relationship. The single is exceptionally produced whilst also just being a great tune that can be repeatedly listened to.

Since releasing Disconnected, his debut last year, Nerve Leak has been one to watch and with this new material he is truly attracting interest. His experimental and fearless style proves he is a multi-talented performer, and from what has been seen from him already he will undoubtedly lead the way for similarly skilful young musicians and producers. DR34M5 is released now and paves the way for more quality offerings from him in the near future.
Words by Lauren E. Hewitt
Photography by Robert Bredvad

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