New Music: Natives

6th August 2016

Coming straight out of the New Forest in the south of England, Natives deliver another sun-kissed summer tune guaranteed to have you on your feet. Stop the Rain is a song about cultural unity and was inspired by the band’s recent trip to Morocco, where they jammed with local musicians.

Continuing their unstoppable return to form, Natives have hit it out of the park with Stop the Rain. Following a two year hiatus after the release of Can’t Say No, these indie-pop darlings have made a fantastic comeback this year with the release of two singles so far. Stop the Rain is infectious and addictive, with a much broader scope than their previous efforts, including a completely anthemic chorus complete with crowd vocals and an irrepressible beat that just draws you in as you listen. The Moroccan influence is clear, with a huge variety of instruments and percussion on the chorus, completed by an addictive chanting of “Let’s go, let’s go!”
Following up from their last album, Indoor War, Natives have announced that their new LP will be a 20 record concept album complete with a novel. A little unorthodox maybe, but given the irresistible nature of their most recent work, I’m really excited to hear where they go with things. Although the band are keeping quiet about the exact nature of the new material, the main themes throughout have been described by guitarist/ keyboardist Jack Fairbrother as, “Self-discovery, community and humanity”.

Lyrically speaking, Stop the Rain opens with an open-armed welcome into the unknown, with an enthusiastic invitation to just throw yourself into travelling – something that should speak directly to anyone in desperate need of a holiday this summer… Overall, the whole song seems like an anti-xenophobic anthem, promoting the previously mentioned values of community and brotherhood with the rest of mankind, powerful stuff, and not something I’d expected from Natives.

Whilst being self-described as tribal-pop, I would recommend this band to fans of Owl City, Years and Years, and Bastille. That said, anyone in need of a pick-me-up on a dreary afternoon just needs to listen to this to be thrown back into a good mood by Natives absolutely kicking ass.

For anyone looking to catch up with the band, you can find them at and their latest album with accompanying novel will be out later in the year. Looking forward to it.

Words by Morton Piercewright

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