New Music: Minus The Bear

1st February 2017

Seattle’s indie-rock band Minus the Bear are making a comeback to the music industry after five years of absence, with a new album called VOIDS due out on March 3rd.

After being on the scene for 16 years, Minus the Bear has returned with not just a new LP, but a different vibe. The group are known for taking risks and constantly changing their music by combining different genres together; from New York’s proto-punk scene, the rational buzz of IDM, to the poptimist evaluation of hip-hop and r&b, and the grandiose visions of prog rock. As soon as new material was announced, fans were expecting the unexpected.

The new record VOIDS, produced by Sam Bell (Weezer, The Cribs, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club), has a different direction and it embraces change as guitarist David Knudson has revealed to Noisey Magazine, “There was a lot of change and uncertainty, I think the general vibe of emptiness, replacement, lacking, and longing to fill in the gaps was very present in everyone’s minds.

The Seattle five piece has also returned to their original label Suicide Squeeze Records.
The band stated they were no longer driven by the same spontaneity that they were 16 years ago. The half a decade gap they have taken has helped to reinvent and redefine themselves as a musical entity.  However, VOIDS still reminisces on the quintet’s signature sound such as savvy up-tempo blows, along with subtle instrumentation and the hedonistic tales of night-time escapism.

The first single off the album is Invincible, and is one of the most poppy tunes the guys have created. Invincible is an infectious slice of pop with a hook that you cannot get out of your head, and the catchy chorus will have you singing along.
Minus The Bear announced a 29 date US tour to support the release, beginning in Idaho on March 10th.

Words by Anna Vasileiou

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