New Music: Laura Nox

23rd November 2016

21-year-old Swedish songstress Laura Nox released her debut single Save A Little Love on November 4th. It is an electro-pop song with lyrics that captivate and prompt listeners to think, feel and take action.

Laura Nox began performing in bands at the age of 17 and she is currently pursuing a solo career with Warner Music in Sweden. Inspired by the British band Depeche Mode, she is ready to make an impact on modern pop. Save A Little Love is a combination of electronic influenced underground sounds with moody grand synths and a big chorus that is difficult to get out of your head. The thunderous drums in combination with Laura's ethereal vocals create a haunting melody, immersing listeners in a world of dark, dreamlike synth, where they can easily get lost.
Even though Laura is a newcomer on the music scene she is fearlessly set to make a change to what is wrong in society. The lyrics of Save A Little Love aim to challenge the current political stance against the refugee crisis, questioning the way it is being handled, with striking lines such as, “There's gotta be another way, tell me there's another way, I'm pushing through the violence“. The track aims to bring more awareness to the public about such things, trying to prevent the habit many have of turning a blind eye unless they are affected directly.

Even the video reflects the lyrics with dark almost disturbing scenes of a little girl who is desperately running away from ominous soldiers witnessing scenes of war, and depicting people fleeing in despair from the dangers of continuous violence.

With an intriguing and promising debut record like this, Laura is definitely in a great position for bigger and better things to come her way. The single is available now, having been released on the 4th of November.

Words by Anna Vasileiou

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