New Music: Kormac

2nd June 2017

Whether you are driving or dancing, I Believe, the new single from Kormac, is sure to get you through the night. The song inaugurates a series of releases leading up to a forthcoming album, and it has our staff wondering what is next from this versatile and unpredictable artist.

Based in Dublin, Kormac – the stage name of Cormac O’Halloran – is best known for a growing catalogue of extraordinary collaborations with, among others, Micah P. Hinson (Get Up, Go Away), Bajka (Wake Up), Speech Debelle (White Noise), Vyvienne Long (Drown Me), MC Little Tree (Superhero) and Irvine Welch (Another Screen). His records are: The Scratch Marchin’ EP (Scribble Records, 2007), Good Lord EP (Scribble Records, 2008), Show Time (Scribble Records, 2009), Word Play (Scribble Records, 2010) and Doorsteps (Bodytonic Records, 2014).

Part of a select company of producer/composers, Kormac has taken his place among the likes of Gavin Bryars (Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet), David Axelrod (Songs of Experience), Ricci Rucker (Fuga), Mark Farina (Mushroom Jazz) and DJ QBert (Wave Twisters). A skilled musician – he plays guitar, keyboards and drums – Kormac tours the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, Canada and Africa as a bandleader and DJ with his group, and their shows deliver a legendary audiovisual experience. In the studio, Kormac samples vintage vinyl and live instruments and vocals, to cut each track together according to its own process, as it unrolls before him.

With its eponymous refrain, “I believe, I do believe,” the new tune repurposes an exultant declaration of faith from the canon of African-American spirituals and respectfully loops it in homage to the producer’s sources as a testament of his devotion to the endeavor of artistic creation: “I'm a believer,” repeats the bridge, over handbells, upright piano and violins, just in case the listener harboured any doubt as to whether the technician had laid down a little of his own soul as well.
Words by Erik Noonan

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