New Music: IDER

16th April 2017

Gut Me Like An Animal is the latest offering from incredibly cool female duo IDER. Released on Aesop, the home of renowned artists SOHN and TALA, the EP features four totally different tracks that prove their versatility and muscle as a band.

IDER are a synth pop pair made up of North London mates Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville. They first made their mark with single Sorry, a melancholic London Grammar style record infused with r&b beats, which even garnered interest from the insanely talented Shura, who then produced a song on the EP.

The opener on GMLAA, Face On, hits you in two ways. Firstly, it has a slow r&b Banks-esque verse with a dark brooding synth alongside growling vocals, and then the chorus hits with this upbeat vibe, taking the tune into a completely different direction. It is catchy, brings you up at exactly the right parts, and makes for a great pop hit.

The second track Nevermind takes it right back into the dark brooding Banks like synth pop, all about moving forward and accepting that life moves on after a relationship. ‘The world will swing back round in a matter of time’, it is a powerful, sad multi-instrumental piece paired with in sync harmonies.

The third song Does She Even Know takes us on another transition and is a gut wrenching sombre tale of love and loss, returning to the form of debut single Sorry. The soft vocals and piano melody give London Grammar hints and work in perfect contrast to the rest of the record.

Gut Me Like An Animal’s namesake is a short but sweet beautiful a'capella creation that showcases the couple’s inseparable harmonies and is the ideal way to end a brilliant release. You can catch IDER at various festivals around the country this summer, and with support from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart, let us hope we start to hear more from these girls in the future.

Words by Lauren E. Hewitt
Photograph by Jon Stone

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