New Music: The Hunna

25th July 2016

Just when we thought we had heard it all in the bewildered realm of today’s indie music scene (from leather-jacket love-song rockers Catfish and the Bottlemen to 80s-esque innovators The 1975), every now and then, we stop in our tracks. For there is more to life than distortion-heavy guitar licks and woe-ridden tales of sticky dancefloors and long-forgotten girlfriends. It is time to introduce the band of the summer, Hertfordshire-based foursome The Hunna. With over 220,000 Facebook likes since the band’s birth in October and a following as reliable as Alex Turner’s hair gel, it is no wonder these guys are the band on everyone’s ‘to-see’ list.
The Hunna
The quartet’s latest single Bonfire has created quite the storm, igniting the hearts of music lovers like, well… a bonfire. The song is a nod in the direction of outgrown love and that complicated ‘are-we-together-or-not’ phase that can haunt us all. The prism of catchiness has just the right dose of attitude, as no one likes their playlist-worthy anthems *too* angelic, do they? The single is littered with melodious guitars and embodies the boisterous, rough around the edges proclivity of The Hunna themselves. Along with the simple listenability of Bonfire (which is a huge plus point), there’s an unearthed sexiness in the slow-building tension and professionalism of the group. It is not difficult to understand why BBC Radio 1 and the Guardian awarded them New Band of the Week and New Band of the Day respectively.
Bonfire’s energy grabs you and kisses you right on the mouth. Everyone should be thankful for the force of nature that is The Hunna, as they seem to be hauling the indie music scene’s sometimes sorry carcass out of the sodden puddle it can get lost in. Dramatics aside, they are a cool beverage on a humid afternoon.
The Hunna possess a charismatic magnetism and it is near-impossible not to relate to this release. Despite the lads being foetal in terms of longevity, their cult-like following is already impressive. They have two sold out UK tours under their belts, including a date at London’s Electric Ballroom – a 1,800 capacity venue.
The record’s head-bopping quality and refreshing youthfulness will stand alongside The Hunna’s debut album, 100. It is due for release on 26th August – just in time for Reading and Leeds Festival and another 11-date UK tour in the autumn.

Bonfire’s video encapsulates London rooftop-party life, with all of the heavily tattooed youths, furry animal heads and beer pong one could possibly wish for. Aside from featuring what could be the 20-or-so coolest individuals in London, The Hunna are pictured having the time of their lives. Following their recent and much-deserved success, they would be, wouldn’t they?
Words by Samantha Ewen

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