New Music: GLOSSE

4th June 2018

GLOSSE is a German-inspired concept of writing between the lines, which is exactly what the band of the same name aspire to do with their ‘80s electronica-influenced offerings.
We Got Heat, the first track to be released by the London group, is an indulgent indie rock song that is polished with anodic synth nuances and sultry lyrics. The vocalist breathes, “Tender isn’t what we do / we beat each other black and blue”, which seems a dangerous nod to the challenges of fidelity and sexual tension.

If forbidden lust is a theme here, with talk of, “Bed sheets in the back seat”, GLOSSE waste no time in punctuating their angst with coursing guitars and soothing synth. The rise to the chorus feels like the build up to a climax, with swelling passion but also an underlying, delicate vulnerability. It is almost thespian with its imagery, as though we are invited to be part of the sordid treachery. The 2:47 single may seem brief, but it is demonically catchy and memorable.
Forgive the analogy, but this record is not glossed over with overwhelming production or the obvious quirkiness of likely indie music. It is an accomplished first release, while still maintaining a rawness and sensibility. It is always intriguing to hear a new take on indie rock fused with electronic; it can be either a worthy concoction or a watery, crème anglaise of disappointment. Of course, this entry is the former, as the synth is so subtle that it could not possibly overpower the rock element here.

Interestingly, whether it is purposely or down to the newness of the outfit, there are no posts on GLOSSE’s social media accounts, which only adds to the stylised mystique of the band. We are left desperate to see if the members match the decadent nature they so openly emanate.

With a band that cites an influence as ‘80s horror comedy The Lost Boys, it was always going to be a curious first listen. GLOSSE seem to willingly depict their version of lust, lies, love and all the complications and frustrations that come with it, and we cannot wait to see how it all turns out.

Words by Samantha Ewen

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