New Music: BOYS

17th March 2019

Sometimes it’s pointless to paddle against the undertow, as it takes hold of your board and drags you out, until the beach turns into a coastline and you let the current carry you along, moving parallel to the continent and out of touch with it, on a journey that only ends once you’ve caught the perfect swell of the morning and ridden a tube that crashes overhead and washes you up on the sand—exhausted, desperate, happy—at which point you come to your senses, just as the train slows to a halt and you come to your stop on the tube, and you gather your wits about you and ascend with your fellow passengers into the foggy streets of London.

With their new single Mind Games, UK indie dream pop quartet BOYS channel the sunstruck blur and sharp gloom of a breakup, singing So much runnin’ through my mind, over buoyant guitar melodies and deep grooves. BOYS are Ross Pearce (vocals), Mike Stothard (guitar), Kane Butler (guitar) and Dan Heffernon (bass). This single is the second off their new project, following two EPs entitled American Dream and Dreamland. They played Pianos in New York City earlier this month, and returned to London to play their first headline show of the year. BOYS is a group worth keeping track of, for sure.

Candid Magazine BOYS

Words by Erik Noonan

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