New Music: Bakery

27th November 2016

If like me, you are out of the loop and haven’t heard of Bakery, I advise you to stop what you’re doing, grab your headphones, and listen to this track. This Berlin based collective of artists, videographers, dancers and musicians are putting out some seriously mind-blowing content that needs to be recognised. Hot off the release of their debut album, Lucy, their newest single, Untitled, is a genre bending medley of trap, jazz and soul.
My first listen of Untitled was essentially me trying to figure out exactly what I was hearing for the first few minutes. The whole song is an avant-garde collaboration of genius, combining an orchestra of non-conventional sounds that make it almost impossible to pin down what you are hearing. It opens with a Burial-esque ambient sound, papers rustling, a keyboard being tapped lightly over a delicate piano riff, before launching into a whirling rush of synths, reversed strings and piano chords. Untitled is fuelled by this hurricane of sound and driven on by a relentless pounding bassline and percussion so powerful you can feel it in your chest.

An abstract vocal section loops just off in the background, lingering throughout, juxtaposing lightly with the raw soulful vocals from Austin Paul. The lead hook, “I’ll never be the same without you” will be running through your head for hours after hearing this, I promise.

Untitled is a shock to the senses, completely subverting expectations of where you think it is going to go as a song, and where Bakery are going to go as a band. Having been neck deep in their album all week, I have come to realise that the expansive range of this group is astonishing, as they move effortlessly from trip-hop to electronica, to soul and back again without skipping a beat. Untitled is a perfect introduction to the psychedelic madness that is

Bakery, and I couldn’t recommend it any more expressly.

Having shared bills with Rudimental, headlining Fusion Festival and playing two sets at Burning Man (after being invited by the founders no less), it is clear that these guys are on the up and up, which is the only unsurprising thing about them. This is for fans of anything from Bombay Bicycle Club, Frank Ocean and Anil Sebastien – but they are worth checking out regardless. You can hear their latest releases on Soundcloud and keep up to date with them on Facebook.

Words by Morton Piercewright

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