New Music: Animal House

25th September 2016

Screaming out of Brisbane, Australia, are garage-rock four piece, Animal House. If Animal House are new to you, to put it simply – they are more uplifting than PUP, as catchy and memorable as the White Stripes, and belt out their tracks with all the snarling enthusiasm of Youth and Young Manhood era Kings of Leon. Their debut EP Sorry is bursting at the seams with singalong, dance-along, stumble-along goodness.
Following on from their debut single Sour, Heavy is a fantastic example of why these guys are so God damn loveable. Everything about this record just screams of a house party, or the rapturous noise of shouting your favourite song along with your equally hammered friends. Full of rambunctiousness and tongue in cheek lyrics, AH are consistently delivering irresistible bursts of upbeat rock. Heavy is led by an Alphabeat-esque drum beat, complete with hand claps that are difficult to not join in on. The lead vocals have the same raspy quality as Jack White or Caleb Followill, with a similar wavering falsetto, and are soon joined by the inevitable and infectious crowd vocals on the chorus.

The guitar on this is easily my favourite part though, starting off as a simple ska offbeat, similar to The Strokes, before bursting into a riff that will of course be stuck running on loop in my head for the next few weeks.

This band has no chill. Heavy is a complete belter, start to finish, as is the entire EP.
Animal House are currently touring the UK and Europe, and have become infamous for their raucous, loud and boisterous shows, so get yourself down to one if you can. Sorry is out on November 18th, and in the meantime you can do the usual social media stalking @animalhousing and as Animal House Band on Facebook. Definitely one to watch.

Words by Morton Piercewright

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