Neckwear gets a luxury makeover with Mocaro

11th March 2017

Metallic and sculptural in tandem are normally reserved for American artist, Jeff Koons, but a new men’s accessories brand has caught our eye with its artistic take on neckwear. Mocaro is a new brand grounded on British craftsmanship and their unique spin on bow ties will get you more than a head turn at a party.

Prepare for an onslaught of: “Where did you get that?” Luxury fabrics and precious metals converge and the signature pieces (full metal – in rose gold, yellow gold or sterling silver), in true British fashion (and by law), are hallmarked, and each is individually hand-stamped with the Mocaro logo. We sat down with the designer, Hatton Garden-trained jeweller, Monisha Robinson to talk about her debut collection Presence.

Cupid silk Bow Tie with rose gold vermeil on sterling silver by Mocaro

First up, why men's accessories?
I am inspired by the strength, pride and confidence in powerful men. I found the men’s market by far more interesting than women’s. With the current rise of metrosexual culture, more men are becoming fashion conscious.
Will you move into women's sometime in the future?
I will solely focus on the men’s market.
What does the name Mocaro mean?
MOCARO is a combination of my name (Mo)nisha and (Caro) means dear in Italian translation.

Terminus classic silk tie by Mocaro

Where does your affinity for precious metals come from?
My affinity comes from an interest of natural resources. Precious metal represents natural and inaugurate elegance and detail.

Are all of your pieces made by hand? How long does it take to make a bespoke, full-metal bow tie??
All of the signature pieces fused with metals are hand crafted. Bespoke pieces such as our handmade Plutus gold bow tie takes six to eight weeks depending on the nature of the request.
Who wears Mocaro?
The bold and confident individual who likes to stand out.

The Plutus bow tie by Mocaro

Who would you like to see wearing Mocaro?
Celebrities such as Daniel Craig. It would be fantastic to see a piece in the next Bond movie! As well as aristocrats, and individuals that want to make an extraordinary statement of uniqueness.

What other kinds of materials will we be seeing in future collections??
A rich and obscure aesthetic – a fusion of silk, velvet and diamonds.
Are you planning anything for men's week in June?
Yes, a few upcoming showcases. Watch this space.

Words by Rose Stewart

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