Napapijri SS19: Future-Positive

3rd April 2019

When Napapijri presented their Future-Positive campaign for SS19, set in the sprawling urban playgrounds of the city of Los Angeles, our West Coast-loving Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, couldn't help but to fall in love with the entire collection.

I'm not going to lie. This collection has my name written on it. So, this article might be a bit biased. The campaign shoot is set in LA and the inspiration, obviously – at least partially, was sought from there.

Napapijri’s inclusive approach is expressed through the casting of diverse and expressive models, while the story carefully mixes adventure, friendship and romance following the cast as they initiate a new member to the Napapijri Tribe.

I honestly wish I was part of the tribe.

Envisioning an unlimited future.

The campaign supports the brand’s SS19 collection, which envisions an unlimited future where different inspirations come together to form a collage of aesthetic influences and currents: from Moroccan tapestries to workers’ uniforms, all the way to 1980s’ preppy Miami. It can't get much better than that.

Inspiration sought from preppy 1980s Miami.

The main concept is a play on the multidimensional realities that new generations experience in their life today.

As the Napapijri Tribe unites and goals merge, opportunities for self-empowerment, mind-awakening, and spiritual growth appear unlimited. It is here that the ‘future positive' vision is represented by a powerful reference of unity and self-expression.

Napapijri is transitioning from outdoor to urban.

In the background, the city sprawls in a vast grid from ocean to the mountains, perfectly representing Napapijri’s transition from outdoor to urban.

While providing the Napapijri Tribe with everything it needs, the city doesn’t impose its limits. But instead, it merges with the ever-present horizon.

The city merges with the ever present horizon.

To see the entire collection, visit Napapijri's website.

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