Movio – The Future of Cinema

6th October 2018

Candid's Jeff Conway talks to Will Palmer of Movio about the future of cinema.

Next time you head to the cinema, know that there are strategic individuals from Movio at work, striving to understand your behaviour patterns while successfully learning how businesses can benefit from knowing your preferred movie choices.
Movio is a company to watch out for and they are rapidly changing the way moviegoers and big companies alike approach future decisions with and around the box office.
Candid sat down with Movio’s CEO Will Palmer to dive into what exactly this intelligent business is bringing to your local cinema and the film industry at large.

Movio is a data analytics company, specialising in the film industry. What exactly does Movio do for film companies and distributors?

So, I think it’s best to go back to our purpose. We have a very clear company purpose, which is connecting everyone with their ideal movie.
We’ve developed a software platform that connects to all of the point-of-sales at each of the exhibitors around the world. We have about 30% of the leading exhibitors using Movio Cinema in about forty countries.
We pull through all of the data that relates to a moviegoer and create a profile for each of those moviegoers. We build this profile and use that to be able to personalise and recommend to the person, on behalf of the cinemas.
Then we have a secondary project which is called Movio Media which aggregates all of the data for a region and pulls that through to provide a very similar kind of amount of insight for the film studios and film distributors. They are using that by creating audiences based around previous behaviour.
Instead of using demographics, it’s all about behaviour.

So how was the name Movio decided upon, Will?

Well obviously the word ‘movie' fits quite nicely into the word ‘Movio'. It’s loosely based on the Latin word for ‘influence'. We think that by getting the right message to the right person at the right time, give them the ability to influence their behaviour, hopefully in a positive way for the consumer and for yourselves.
I think it’s a quite fitting word for what we do.

Movio CEO Will Palmer

In 2015, you stated that women, not blockbusters, are the key to box office growth. Do you believe that remains true today, or has there been a shift in the last few years?

Well I think some of the studios have taken heed of that. We were able to prove that a large share of moviegoing decisions was being made by the female. Date night was decided by the female, what the children watched was decided by the female and the 50/50 split of other films were male/female. I think there has been a movement towards surveying the female audience better.

Being the CEO of Movio, how active of a hand do you have on the data-collecting and research findings being conducted at your company?

Very active actually. Me and my co-founder Peter Beguely – he took the product lead and I took the commercial lead – he recently retired and now I have really assumed the role of the most senior product guy in the company.
My hands are all over the product at the moment.

Where do you hope Movio will go within the next few short years?

Our objective really is to have the studio’s movie marketing globally running through Movio in some way, shape and form.
Whenever you’re trying to discuss who’s the audience for the film and what do we need to do to address them, you’re using Movio data, whether you’re an exhibitor, whether you’re a studio, whether you’re an agency or whether you’re a publisher. You’re using that same data source to drive that decision-making and it becomes that data currency that everyone talks about, when they talk about an audience.
So, I think if Movio becomes that and I think it largely is becoming that, then we got ourselves in a situation where we’ve moved the whole industry away from talking about demographics and moved them toward behaviour. And I think that would be a wonderful thing.
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