Revealed! Ask Jeeves, LimeWire and BEBO are the most loved websites of the 00s

30th September 2021

Research conducted by leading tech provider Fasthosts has discovered that Ask Jeeves, LimeWire and BEBO are the most loved websites of the 00s that people wish would make a comeback. 1,500 adults were part of the survey to find the most beloved websites from the early days of the internet to discover once and for all whether things were better back then.

It is clear that the internet has come a long way. We now have video chat and search engines such as Google. However, the study found that nostalgia runs deep with some websites from the time that are no longer around.

The Most Loved Websites of the 00s Results

Ask Jeeves tops Fasthosts list of most-loved 00s websites, with 29.01% of adults saying they miss the iconic site the most. LimeWire is a close second, with 18.88% of adults calling it the best downloading website they have ever used. BEBO came in third, with 17.73% of participants fondly remembering the social networking website. It was their first introduction to instant messaging and video streaming.

Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves walked so that Google could run. Before you were able to ask Google what your symptoms mean or any other million-dollar question, there was Ask Jeeves. Back then, Ask Jeeves had all the answers you were looking for – right at your fingertips. While we can’t imagine life without Google, there is a reason 1 in 3 participants wished Ask Jeeves would make a comeback and that it tops the list of most-loved 00s websites. It was groundbreaking for its time and has a fond place in many people’s hearts.


Though it is infamous for being responsible for many computer viruses, the study shows LimeWire is the second most missed website. 1 in 5 participants wish the free P2P sharing software would make a comeback. Even though it was illegal to download from LimeWire, it was so widespread and popular, it formed a part of many people’s youth and is still spoken of fondly today.


Another top old-school site, iconic website BEBO takes third place with 1 in 5 adults voting for it. It was one of the first sites to allow people to send instant messages and stream videos. BEBO was truly innovative when it was launched in 2005.

What the Most Loved Websites of the 00s Results Mean

We would be lost without the web, especially as it is today. However, this research shows there will always be a place for nostalgic 00s websites. Sales and marketing director at Fasthosts, Michelle Stark, commented on the research, saying: “Even though the web is a commonplace now, not so long ago people would have a hard time trying to explain its concept.

Surely the websites of the nineties and noughties were not as polished as the ones we use now, but they hold a special place in everyone’s heart. As our survey showed sometimes there’s nothing better than a little throwback to simpler times!’’

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