Modo SS19 – Endless Simplicity

13th March 2019

Modo is a brand that manages to create minimalist and fashion forward eyewear while upholding a sustainable approach for running a successful business.

Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, checks out this NYC-born eyewear brand.

In a world filled with noise, Modo goes back to the purity of clean design. Minimalistic aesthetics and architectural lines remove the clutter and keep only the essential. The balance between form and function is maintained with the focal points of design, innovation and technology. Less is more.

Elemental geometric shapes.

With the new campaign, the philosophy and design fundamental to Modo’s DNA: minimalism, is revisited. Through stark collages created with elemental geometric shapes, the simple building blocks that together evolve into unique and innovative eyewear are visualised. The play between light and shadow define the sun features. Each part plays a vital role in the final product.

Clean and minimalistic designs.

Modo was born in 1990 in Soho, New York, under the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Alessandro Lanaro. Since its beginning, Modo has evolved into a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes a successful portfolio of house, designer, and contemporary lifestyle brands – all under the common denominator of design and innovation.

The brands include Modo, Eco, Derek Lam, and several others. Modo is spread around the world, with offices in New York, Milan, and Stockholm.

Successfully sustainable.

Today, Modo drives the eyewear industry’s effort in sustainability and social responsibility which we praise. With initiatives such as producing frames with 95% recycled content or bio-based materials, planting a tree for every frame a customer purchases, or providing comprehensive eye care to children in need, Modo is a pioneer in merging style and purpose and joins the ever growing list of brands that give back.

Less is more.

Check out Modo Eyewear on their webpage.

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