Modernist – Where Punk Meets Savile Row

19th November 2018
Modernist launches punk-inspired fashion collection with a Savile Row twist.

Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, shows us a collection from Modernist where the English look meets Scandinavian tastebuds, much like himself. Having two anonymous online menswear giants come together for a collection is unique. Both for the lack of actual names and for the merging of British and Scandi into one.
Previously, I have written about both Dadaism and Constructivism, and now it's time for Modernism, from which the brand derives its name and philosophy.
Modernist is a broad concept that describes ideas and attitudes about art, film, fashion, literature, music and dance, making it not just a brand, but also a lifestyle, just like Modernism itself.

Looking at the future

Modernism is an outbreak of the past and a fresh way of looking at the future. Modernism is the way we live our lives in today's changing world.
The Modernist collection is all about genuine craft and long-lasting style rather than a trend, where the collection blends traditional English tailoring craft with a Scandinavian monochrome silhouette and with a small click of colour where it is needed.

Innovating the English look

Developed together, with the help of two of the world’s most influential menswear inspirers – two gentlemen well-known from the world of street style blogs, and the Savile Row twist of classic tailoring and youth culture. As part of a style council, these expert rebels in leather and suit have helped to innovate the English look right into the heart of the Scandinavian taste.
Scandinavian and English tastes are already in very close proximity of one another, but a marriage between the two is what I have personally been waiting for.

Trends have been gone for the last few years

The Modernist collection focuses on genuine crafting and developing its own style. If I'm to be asked, trends have been gone for the last few years or so anyway and I'm glad more and more consumers and brands are now going in to find their own style. This collection mixes traditional English tailoring with a Scandinavian monochrome silhouette, all with a focus on quality.
The collection features leather jackets, parkas, coats, sweaters and hoodies. Check the entire collection out exclusively on Stayhard.
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