A Magical Medley Of Elixirs and Potions At The Booking Office

18th December 2017

If you are looking for a magical venue to sample bewitching cocktails, there is no better place than at The Booking Office. It's housed inside the neo-gothic magnificence of St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, which has featured in 2 Harry Potter films, including the famous flying car scene in Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. The bar is also in close proximity to platform 9 3/4 for catching the Hogwarts Express and the British Library, which has launched Harry Potter: A History Of Magic exhibition.

The decor is awe-inspiring inside from the cathedral-like arches to the fine mahogany backdrop to the bar, which used to be the original ticketing office for the station. It is a rarity in London to find a cocktail bar with such splendid high ceilings in these times of high commercial rental prices (although it did make the DJ music sound relatively more echoey).

There are 6 fascinating creations to choose from on this time-limited menu. For pure theatre, I would recommend ordering the camouflage coupette: served in 2 vessels, you pour the heady mixture from the medicinal bottle into the coupette and watch the blue candy floss dissolve and in turn change the colour of the original mixture. It is a potent concoction including gin, Cointreau, absinthe and lemon juice.

For an aromatic extravaganza, I would opt for the elixir of love: the sweet, almond flavours of amaretto combining sensually with the raspberry, vanilla notes from the Chambord. It is topped up with vodka and lemon juice. They also offer an innovative twist on the Sazerac with their tee-hee cocktail, which reputedly has been infused with N2O; so this is the ideal place to bring a smile to anyone's face.

The must-order cocktail is their butterscotch brew, which is the bar's version of butterbeer. It's a warm cocktail with spiced rum and the delectable combo of salted butter, salted caramel syrup, angostura bitters, milk and butterscotch ‘angel delight'. It's smooth, heartwarming and should be served in every Christmas fair this season.

They also offer a bar snacks menu to help line your stomachs before you get completely spellbound by their cocktails. The high-quality fish used in their beer-battered fish and chips is impressive as well as the substantial nature of their flatbreads. The roast aubergine is particularly tasty with green harissa, labneh, smoked garlic and spiced pistachio and served in a black-coloured bread which I suspect is charcoal-based. The smoked salmon version is generously layered with well-sourced Loch Fyne Scottish salmon.

You have until February 2018 to imbibe on their entrancing Elixirs and Potions Cocktail Menu.
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