Lorcan Goes Backstage With Candid Over LFWM

5th June 2017

London Fashion Week Men’s starts the week and we have a new addition to the team who will be going backstage for Candid Magazine to capture the best behind-the-scenes action, for you.
Lorcan has been a fashion week fixture for a few years now and is most known for his presenting across a wide scope of genres. He has presented live from Wireless Festival and Fusion Festival and has interviewed everyone from from One Direction to Duran Duran to Sir David Attenborough. His 70,000 plus fans on social media love him for not just his wicked sense of humour, but for his intrepid sense of style. We caught up with Lorcan to see which catwalk shows he’s most looking forward to watching and to get his advice on nailing LFWM.

Hi Lorcan, we’re excited to have you on the team over London Fashion Week Men’s. We normally see you on the front row; this time you’ll be headed backstage. Are you looking forward to the new LFWM perspective?
Always! As much as I adore the women's schedule and of course who doesn't love hitting Paris, nothing for me beats British tailoring and London continuously outdoes itself. I've already seen a few sneak peeks here and there from a few of the designers showing in London and I'm confident it's going to be a very strong season.

You’re always dressed impeccably. How many wardrobe changes do you undergo in a day?
As few as I can get away with! It depends on which shows are happening on that day. If I'm hitting several different shows all with very different styles, then I'll usually do three, however if I'm really feeling an outfit then just two –one for the day and one for the evening soirées.
Which shows and events are you looking most forward to?
Oliver Spencer, Belstaff, Vivienne Westwood and of course Candid Magazine's party!
You’ve interviewed just about everyone. Who has been your standout?
David Attenborough was ever so charming. His passion, even now at 91, really came across. If I'm still that passionate about what I do when I'm that age, then I know I've stayed on the right path.

What are your top tips for getting through LFWM?
I don't think anyone sails through any fashion week, ever. We are all very good and looking calm and collected, but inside we are all thinking the same things. What time is the next show? Is my outfit on point? Did that photographer just get a really bad angle? Where is my Uber? I would say my main tips would be to acknowledge from the start that you may end up missing a show because of things out of your control like traffic; keep your invitation in hand as a makeshift fan for when those hot catwalk lights go on; don't drink too much as there's nothing worse than having to step over someone on your way out of a party and always have a back-up outfit – champagne spillage is a very real thing.
If you see Lorcan over LFWM, be sure to give him some brilliant (and exclusive) content for Candid.
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