Logan Shroyer – This. Is. The Big Break.

17th October 2017

With his all-American boyish good looks and inescapable on-screen confidence, actor Logan Shroyer is bringing an additional, well-crafted layer to the character of ‘Kevin’ on the hit television series This Is Us. Portraying the teen version of this endlessly-developing character, Shroyer is eager to show viewers the emotional backstory we have all yet to see.

Logan Shroyer, photograph by Shannon Stewart

What was the process like for you to ultimately land the ‘Teen Kevin” role on This Is Us?
That was really just a whirlwind. I had an audition the night before, it was right after Halloween and I almost didn’t even go. I go and then in a matter of like twenty-four hours, I was being driven to set, all these guys were on-set, and I met Mandy (Moore). It was crazy.

Why do you think This Is Us is resonating with so many people?
I feel like the show is a representation of an American family, not even necessarily just an American family. It continually propels all of these moments that everybody has in their lives. Everybody has a character to relate to, everybody has a scene or moment that has been like that in their lives, so I think it’s just really easy to latch on and care about these people because the writers make them so human and I think everyone relates to it.

Do you approach your mannerisms on-screen as ‘Kevin’ differently, because you can watch a younger and an older actor play him, too, for consistency?
Yeah, um, this is a really cool show because they let you do your own thing. I have definitely watched Justin (Hartley)’s mannerisms and even talked to Parker (Bates) a little bit too. You definitely have to approach it a little bit. Justin established the character, so we will have conversations every once in a while, to make sure everything is on track. Yeah, definitely got to do your research on the mannerisms and make sure you’re ‘Kevin’.

Logan Shroyer, photograph by Shannon Stewart

This Is Us seems to pride itself on being a genuinely heartfelt and loving family show. Does that same energy exist on-set when filming?
Oh yeah, this is one big family for sure. Milo (Ventimiglia) is almost ‘Jack’ on-set. He is the greatest guy ever. He treats everybody with so much respect and remembers everyone’s name. I feel like this family attitude that came from Dan (Fogelman) and Milo and Justin and Sterling (K. Brown), all the older ones, that just transcended down to the crew and us and everyone. If I run into any of these people in ten years, we will totally give them a big hug and it will be great.

When you are not acting, what do you like to do for fun?
Well, I’m a surfer, so I have been trying to surf, but I have been getting into writing and directing. So, I have been putting some time in with that with some friends. It’s a great opportunity to watch on-set. Just got to keep yourself busy.

Being a young, charismatic actor, you must be attending some cool events these days. What would you say is your style? Any favourite fashion trends right now?
Hmm, that’s interesting. I don’t know. I am kind of digging the button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up. I like casual, cool type of stuff. I have got some really good people helping me out. John Varvatos is stuff that I have worn and I love it so much. Every once in a while, I will throw on a suit and do that. I am kind of cool with the stylish boots, casual sort of look. I am really into that right now.

Logan Shroyer, photograph by Shannon Stewart

What kind of storylines do you hope This Is Us will feature during your years playing ‘Kevin’ in the episodes and seasons to come?
I would love them to explore ‘Kevin’s’ relationship with his dad and his mom. I think that there is a lot of interesting stuff there, especially with the downfall of the perfect ‘Jack’ that we have started to see on this season (two). ‘Kevin’ is very complex, because he hides a lot of his stuff, so I think unveiling that more and more, the audience will get to see who Kevin is. He acts out a lot, but it will be exciting to see that and more.

What does it mean to you to be a part of this This Is Us family?
Oh, it’s everything. This is just one of the biggest blessings I have ever had. To be able to learn side-by-side with all these people. They’re a family. When you go on-set and see everybody, everybody is just so supportive. It is probably the greatest opportunity I could have as an actor right now. It’s just so great.
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