Stockport Live Review: Blossoms

23rd July 2016

Playing to a crowd of hungover, sun stricken festival goers on the last of three days in 32-degree heat is no mean feat. However, one band managed to revive said lethargic crowd at last weekend’s Truck Festival, and that band has a name – Stockport born Blossoms.
Hitting the main stage at 5pm the young lads brought the biggest gathering of the afternoon thus far. Preluded by the group Formation, only a relatively small number had formed whilst the majority of festival patrons were lying down on the grass or harbouring in the minimal patches of shade. That was until the fivesome took to the spotlight. Kicking off with the track At Most A Kiss, the area was then flooded with both adoring fans and passing revellers who heard something great. Their psychedelic take on indie-pop is a force to be reckoned with. Front man Tom Ogden, clad in white denims and an oversized blue shirt, looked ever the seasoned rock star and instantly had people singing along to every tune. After seeing them earlier in the year, they have already begun to develop as artists and are still growing, despite their heavily anticipated debut being yet to be released.
The disappointingly short set featured crooning single Across The Moor which showed off Charlie Salt’s skills on the bass, anthemic song Blown Rose, Getaway, the brilliant Charlemagne- instantly recognisable by the amazing synth melody courtesy of Miles Kellock, which was thoughtfully dedicated to the late Viola Beach, and they rounded the whole set off with Blow, finishing on an instrumental crescendo that left the crowd only wanting more.

Despite their festival appearances this summer now being in double figures and frontman Tom Ogden himself admitting he is, “shattered” the guys were on top form. Proving that despite only having a few EPs under their belt they are easily deserving of the main stage slots.
Words by Lauren E. Hewitt

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