No Limits to Limitato

22nd September 2018

An organic fusion of the wonderfully inspiring worlds of both art and music is at the sartorial heart of exciting new apparel brand Limitato.

Limitato is a label hailing from the southwest coastal Swedish city of Gothenburg. Despite the rivalry between east and west in Sweden, our east coast-based Stockholmer and Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, loves the playfulness found in this new brand.
The brainchild of two childhood friends from adjoining neighbourhoods and with a shared innate creativity, Limitato captures iconic moments in music history. It also captures fascinating pieces of visual art from the world’s leading and emerging talent,  incorporating it into their casual collections.
Working alongside well-known names including photographer-to-the-famous and 1960s icon Terry O’Neill, as well artists such as Marco Grassi and Sara Pope, Limitato collaborate to create beautiful, stylish pieces with complete originality.
Limitato pieces are poignant, statement-making, desirable and most of all, pretty bloody cool.
This isn’t just about whacking a rock star image onto a plain T-shirt.
Collections are meticulously thought through. Images, their history and creators carefully selected to go hand-in-hand with an ongoing quest to celebrate ‘a history for the future’.
Limitato does what it does with a non-offensive swagger. From punk, pop-art, Pollack, portrait, contemporary and classic, the consistency and well-controlled look and feel of the brand re-mains completely intact.
This is statement style that has no borders, manual or rule book. It’s purely for the people to decide how they want to wear it.
Quoting the founders of the brand, Emrik and Gustav, “the whole idea about Limitato is not about Terry O’Neill or Craig Alan or whoever. This is a lifestyle, something for the person who is looking for something more, in another word wants to make a statement, or better, an impact by wearing the pieces.”
Check out the Limitato collection, here.
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