Libertine AW17 – "We always believed more is more"

5th August 2017

Our Paris-based international editor-at-large, Farouk Chekoufi interviewed the founding force behind Libertine, Johnson Hartig for our Art Issue: the renowned designer who ups the ante in fashion by creatively immersing himself and those around him on a hyper-maximalist trip.
The autumn/winter 2017 look book has just been released and here are our favourite looks, along with a excerpt of the interview:

What made you want to become a fashion designer?
The fantasy, light, texture, colour, glamour, pattern and shine––these are all elements I have appreciated since being a small child.
Tell me a little bit about your brand? 
Libertine turns fifteen this year. We have always been innovators, always worked by our own rules, and always had a great influence on other brands. We are a small brand with a huge presence.

How would you describe Libertine?
We were the first brand to do the maximal emotion, which is so prevalent in fashion today. We always believed more is more; it's our credo, and many other much bigger, mostly Italian brands have taken great inspiration from us. To be a true original one must make great strides in the world of creativity…
Who is the ultimate Libertine man?
Hip-hop entertainers. Every major hip-hop star wears Libertine.

What is the ultimate signature style of Libertine? 
Smart, cheeky, divine.
Who is your favourite celebrity?
Not interested in any actors. Favourite artist ever: Jean Cocteau. He created his own universe.

What’s the most bizarre detail or design in the collection?
Maybe Duchamp‘s urinals all over a men's coat and trousers!
Since the brand’s inception, you have always stayed true to art and pop art. What is your vision for the brand in the future?  
Same vision we've had from the beginning: create original, divine, unique clothing with diverse inspirations that the customer can't find anywhere else.

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