Less Mullets More Mezcal, Café Pacifico Defies The Test Of Time, Covent Garden

1st November 2017

Mexican restaurants in London are just like buses, you wait for one and then three come along at once. That being said, Café Pacifico has stood the test of time as this year the infamous Mexican cantina will be celebrating 35 years of business! Located in Covent Garden, Café Pacifico may have arrived three-decades ago, but like most things from the eighties; we can’t get enough of it!

There’s certainly an enduring appeal to this Langley street favourite. It was a Thursday night when we visited and the atmosphere was abuzz with Mexican spirit, and not just tequila and mezcal although there was plenty; tables were packed and turning faster than you can say Ay caramba!

Margaritas were ordered quickly, and had plenty of bite. We scoffed down Antojitos Platter of; chicken quesadillas, beef empanadas and chipotle glazed char-grilled prawns, of course an accompanying bowl of tortilla chips and assortment of salsas too.The cantinas new autumn menu places emphasis on authentic Mexican dishes; including their take on Mexico’s finest fare, Carnitas and Taco Al Pastor.

If unfamiliar with the dishes, Taco Al Pastor is a traditional dish developed in central Mexico based on shawarma spit-grilled meats, brought over by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico during the 1930s; it’s commonly referred to as the shepherd’s taco. The grilled pork had been marinated in a blend of chilies and spices skewered above a bed of grilled pineapple and onions, which lent plenty of zing to the dish.

The Carnitas, a classic Mexican dish that neither my guest nor I was overly familiar with was recommended by our waiter, as it was perfect for sharing; let it be said our remaining soft-tacos made light work of mopping up any traces of the slow-cooked pork dish.

Some margaritas further down the line and our belt buckles unfastened; we opted to share churros with a spicy chocolate sauce. The deep-fried Mexican donuts were light, warm and delicious.
Café Pacifico is a fun and frenetic atmosphere and continues to offer fantastic Mexican food and drink, so mariachi on down and grab a quesadilla sized slice of the action.


On the 2nd November, traditionally Day of the Dead in Mexico, Café Pacifico will be hosting a huge celebration including face painting, a live mariachi band and an All Souls Parade that will snake through Covent Garden.

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