Le Suri: Fashionably Conscious

30th March 2017


In a world of fast fashion, and unsustainable resources, Le Suri offers us something different. The label's founders, Nina and Paab, have created unique, stylish, eco-friendly and cruelty free bags made entirely of cork.

Why cork? Cork is a supple, smooth, natural alternative to leather. You get the soft, smooth feel of leather but without the guilty. Cork originates from the bark of the cork oak tree, and is only harvested every nine years allowing for a full recovery.

We all understand the essential role that trees play in our ecosystem, but what few understand is that harvested trees absorb three to five times more carbon dioxide than those left unharvested. In Portugal, cork trees, like the ones used to make the bags, help to offset more than ten million tons of CO2 a year. Le Suri is one of the innovative brands paving the way in the fashion industry for more conscientious fashion.

Le Suri messenger bag

Le Suri uses only the highest quality natural materials; organically grown, locally produced and harvested. Traditionally, cork has only been used on a small-scale, as a creative juice it has remained largely untapped. Le Suri, in-keeping with the wave of eco-conscious millennials, has cleverly utilised the material on a larger scale.

To appease not only the eco-conscious, Le Suri has been awarded the official PETA Approved Vegan Certification. This guarantees, that throughout the production process they do not use any animal-derived materials and wholly support the sustainable fashion movement.

Le Suri is not only good for the heart but good for the wardrobe. The designs are simple, stylish and classic. The old-school satchel brings a touch of class to the modern world. The designs prove that eco-conscious and fashion conscious do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Words by Elle Magill

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