Alternative Festival: Lagunitas Beer Circus

17th August 2018
Ever wanted to see something you just can't un-see that will change your view on the capabilities of mankind forever and will leave you wanting to run away and join a circus immediately, all for a good cause? Thought so. Then read on because the Lagunitas Beer Circus is coming to town and it isn't for the-faint hearted. 
So, between sipping on some delicious beers and IPAs, soaking up the sun and enjoying food at this unique festival, you will be privy to some of the most unique circus acts to grace the globe. Here is a sneak peek at some of what you will experience:
  • The one-off cocktail show where a barmen will use fish hooks to attach a cocktail shaker from his eyelids and then insert a tube into his nose into his mouth, which makes it possible to squirt a drink from his moth back into the glass through his nose.
  • Mad Alan. And here’s why.
  • A host of bearded ladies sit high above the crowd performing aerial tricks.
  • Another hula hoop act. But how, you may ask? First you’ll need an accordion, and the second involves rolling in a giant circus ball to stand on. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself. Dark, captivating, engaging, surreal and sexy are the best words to describe this two-time Guinness World Record holding Hula Hoop Queen.
  • A powerful, comedic and sensual burlesque show.
  • An incredible fire-hoop act that will dangerously spin from her neck on a burning ring.
  • A mischievous clown hanging over the crowd shouting water.
  • Fancy dicing with death? Professional and highly skilled sword throwers will be inviting members of the public up on stage.


But what exactly is Lagunitas Beer Circus? California-based Lagunitas Brewing Co is bringing its magical selection of brews paired with a whirling frenzy of freaktacular entertainment to the UK for the first time.
The Lagunitas Beer Circus is the ultimate celebration of beer and the freedom to just be whoever you want. A place to suspend reality, embrace being alive and be part of a community without worrying about what anyone else thinks.
Lagunitas’ menu is simple… Plenty of beer. Check. Mind-blowing acts, from marching bands, to freak shows and even bearded ladies. Check. It sounds appetising to us, so if it’s your cup of tea too, then your dream pop-up is set to arrive in London, fresh from an extensive US tour of Petaluma, Seattle, Chicago, on Saturday 18th August.
If you’re still sat on the fence, but intrigued by Lagunitas’ philosophy of ‘see things you can’t un-see’, then maybe the range of new beers, bizarre burlesque performers and line-up of the strangest and quirkiest bands ever might twist your arm.
To top this heady experience off, Lagunitas is dedicated to providing grants for non-for-profit community projects, supporting projects across music education, arts and animal welfare, so the IPA will be donating ALL profits to Wild At Heart Foundation – meaning that while you’re drinking, you’re helping to re-home dogs around the world. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Saturday 18th August
Afternoon Session 12.30 – 17.00 or evening Session 18.30 – 23.00
Flat Iron Square – 53a, Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU
Tickets available:
Tickets for a session are available for £15. This includes one welcome beer and one beer token. To purchase a ticket for a session, please visit this site.
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