In A Galaxy Far, Far Away… In Ladbroke Grove with Po-Zu

4th September 2017

Was it Ladbroke Grove or Tattoine this week in London? It was hard to tell as I approached the Museum Of Brands for a very special launch. Po-Zu took their footwear and an iconic set of movies and created a launch event with a difference. From being greeted by Storm Troopers and an R2 unit, to being snuck up on by one of the sand people (turns out they don't scare easily) and meeting the most famous Princess in the universe, it was really quite something.

Candid readers may remember that this year the magazine teamed up with The FashionWorked Awards where Po-Zu became the first-ever winners of Best Ethical Label as chosen by industry legend, Harold Tillman, so I was excited to see what they'd been up to.

We'd all come along for the unveiling of the latest in their Star Wars unisex collection, the Rey Boot. Po-Zu have landed a series of hits with their beautiful collection of shoes and boots themed round the movies, so expectation was high. The setting was perfect. Po-Zu are a bit quirky and different so the strange correlation of having the empire’s most evil soldiers stood by thirty-year-old packets of Sugar Puffs and Maxwell House coffee jars in the Museum Of Brands displays was brilliant – these aren't the cereals you're looking for!

It was doubly weird, as the first time I came across the movies was in the mid-1980's, when as a kid, dad used to take us to a cinema less than affectionately known locally as ‘The Flea Pit’. Though the original trilogy was a few years old by then, I was already a space-obsessed kid and the movies fed that addiction. Seeing so many characters from the movie walking around the items we had at home when I discovered the movies was a tad nostalgic and surreal.

I love the collection though – vegan, fair trade and once again proving that ethical products can be wearable and stylish (seriously, enough of the ‘ethical is drab’ shtick, it's so not true). From the almost prop-like look of parts of the range to the accented highlights on more historic styles, there is just a series of hits – much like the franchise has been. Yet unlike the franchise, there isn't a single low point *cough, cough Jar Jar Binks. As for the Rey Hi Top Boot – spectacular. It stole the show.

The term disruptor is overly used in industries now; people just love to apply it to themselves. The very modest, yet warm and welcoming team at Po-Zu would never be as bold as to claim it, so let me tell you, they are disruptors. They are making people from everywhere take notice of ethical fashion. They present ‘a new hope’.
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