La Patisserie des Reves

20th March 2015

LPdR White Chocolate 2It goes without saying chocolate is way more than just a quick sweet fix. The memories that it evokes in both children and adults indicate why it will never lose its popularity as it appeals to all of the senses. What better way to indulge a sweet tooth and be transported down memory lane than trying one of Thierry Teyssier and Willie Harcoute-Cooze one of a kind chocolate bars? The 10th of March was the exclusive launch hosted by Thierry Teyssier and Willie Harcoute Cooze at La Patisserie des Reves in Marylebone and offered guests a chance to try some of the delicious bars.

All of the designs were inspired by childhood chocolate memories and designed by a range of master chocolatiers, all of which offering their unique interpretation of white chocolate. The main reason behind the venture was to connect the emotions and childhood memories that chocolate creates to adulthood. No matter where a person is from, they remember their first taste of chocolate. Using heritage and inspiration from their native country's they were able to create a taste experience like no other. One that pushes the boundaries of taste and expectation.
The unique flavours were inspired from tastes around the globe and different cultures. Willie Harcoute-Cooze's chocolate was a pure white chocolate bar, keeping to his mantra of finding the best possible chocolate and not filling it with preservatives. Due to this the taste of the chocolate really sung. Philipe Conticini, Head Chef and Co-Founder of La Patisserie des Reves also offered his unique insight, his chocolate creation being inspired by his French roots incorporating vanilla white chocolate, verbena and crunchy pastry.

Others included Es Koyama from Japan's tea infused chocolate complete with puffed rice which was surprisingly light and sweet; and Hector Galvan's Mexican white chocolate, almond and fig bar – incredibly moreish to say the least. The delicious coffee and white chocolate bar created by Amaz – a Peruvian chocolate factory – initially strikes with the taste of sweet chocolate before the coffee kicks in. Then there was Oberweis from Luxemborg who combined white chocolate with cinnamon – a comforting combination without doubt. Beschle from Switzerland produced a chocolate with hints of lemon and cardamom, reminiscent of lassi with its strong distinctive flavours. Whereas Vanderparre from Belgium offered a white chocolate with Speculoos – a traditional Belgian sweet that undoubtedly establishes nostalgia once you take a bite.

For the more adventurous palate, subverting the idea that all chocolate must be sickly sweet, Rozsalvgoy from Hungary incorporated chocolate with herbs, which had a surprisingly fresh and crisp after taste. Lastly was the Italian mint and chocolate created by Doromi, again with a refreshing aftertaste acquired by the fresh mint leaves woven into the silky white chocolate.
Either way there is a chocolate for everyone. You may not like them all but it will definitely inspire you to leap outside of your comfort zone and reminisce about your childhood chocolate memories.
The prices range between £3.50 and £50 and can be purchased in store from the 26th of March.

Sophie Dyer

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