Night School – A Comedy With Punch

28th September 2018

Candid's Fashion & Entertainment Editor, Jeff Conway sits down with American actor and comedian, Kevin Hart.

In a world currently struggling with much hostility and divisiveness, a whole lot of comedy and a little ‘Hart' (I mean, he is only 5’4’’) is just what moviegoers may need.
Arguably the number one comedian in the world right now, Kevin Hart stars in Universal Pictures new film Night School, where he plays Teddy Walker, a thirty-something man who decides to go back to school to finally receive his high school diploma.
In true Hart fashion, he is loud, outspoken and even combative. Some may feel that in film after film, Hart plays the same character. Whether there is any truth to that, I think it is best to stick to the lifelong mantra, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” Hart successfully delivers the laughs that you would expect, while also embodying the likability and vulnerably that makes his characters such appealing, two-dimensional protagonists.
Night School
The breakout star of Girls Trip and with memorable hosting duties on Saturday Night Live, Tiffany Haddish brings Night School’s humour to a whole new level. She plays Carrie, Teddy's night school teacher who has her own radical methods to keep him on the right track. With her relentlessly snappy comebacks and her confident demeanour, Haddish’s jokes elevate Hart’s jokes and vice versa.
Though not every joke lands on its feet, Hart and Haddish are an effective comedy duo in Night School, especially during their hilarious first encounter while waiting at a stoplight.
Respected film producer Will Packer, who has worked before with both Haddish (Girls Trip) and Hart (Think Like A Man, Ride Along, About Last Night) seems to bring a lot of pride to his work on this latest project.
Hart shared exclusively with Candid why this film was something he had to take on. “This is my baby. This an idea I had that I felt could become a funny movie. Will [Packer] liked the idea, said ‘go put the work into it, we’ll get it done.’”
Night School
When we asked Packer what Haddish is like when the cameras stop rolling, he replied, “The thing about Kevin and Tiffany is that their comedy is very organic. Great actors give you multiple levels, but at the end of the day, they’re pulling from themselves. They’re pulling from their strengths and they’re pulling from their weaknesses. Tiffany off-camera is pretty much what you would think. She’s very authentic, organic, says what’s on her mind and I think that’s what makes her work.”
With a charming group of supporting cast members (including fellow comedians Rob Riggle and Taran Killam), Night School is more than just your average comedy. Night School carefully addresses topics like learning disabilities, employment challenges, balancing family and career goals and even mildly brushing upon immigrant aspirations in America today.
Above all, the non-romantic on-screen chemistry (you will laugh about this late in the film) between Hart and Haddish is a comedy pairing we could definitely get used to.

Night School arrives in U.S. cinemas on September 28th.
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