JING launches Rare Seasonal Tea Menu at 45 Park Lane

21st April 2015

DC_01-03-15_0020_LowRes (1)How many cups of tea do you have per day? One in the morning? Another when you get to work? Anywhere between three and twenty depending on who in the office is trying to avoid starting on that pesky to-do list and is procrastinating by doing tea runs? Well, no matter if it’s one or hundred; we guarantee that your everyday PG tips or Twinnings teabags have nothing on what is being offered at Mayfair’s 45 Park Lane.

Specialist tea company JING – whose products are enjoyed in over fifty Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide and who, more importantly, are featured on Candid’s Christmas Gift Guide – has launched a specially curated ‘Rare Seasonal Tea Menu’ at Dorchester Collection’s contemporary hotel.

The menu offers some of the world’s rarest and most south-after teas, paired with pastries created by the award-winning culinary team at CUT at 45 Park Lane. The modern tea ceremony will be served from JING’s Mobile Tea Bar, with all blends served in the stunningly crafted, hand-blown glass teaware that JING is celebrated for. Guests will be privy to multiple re-infusions so that they can map out the changes in character and flavour that the brewed leaves go through. Edward Eisler, founder of JING says

“We believe in teas with real character – they should have personality that expresses the place, culture and people of their origin. The ‘Rare and Seasonal Tea Menu’ at 45 Park Lane has been carefully crafted to provide a truly exceptional tea experience, showcasing some of the rarest and finest teas made by true masters of their craft.”

The Rare Seasonal Tea Menu includes the following:

JING DARJEELING 1ST FLUSH SUPREME (£27.00) – This tea is from the Steinthal tea garden, nestled amidst fields of cardamom, orange trees and lemon grass. This first flush is supremely light and floral with a pleasing astringency. Its bright infusion, sweet taste and lively mouth-feel make it one of the best Darjeeling’s available.

JING TAIWAN LI SHAN (£35.00) – From one of the premier regions in Taiwan, this tea is grown at altitude allowing for a slow and rich in flavour growth. It is exceptionally floral, refreshing and palate cleansing, with a creamy and thick texture. The ultimate experience of a Taiwan oolong tea.

JING ORGANIC DRAGON WELL GOLD (£45.00) – This is Dragon Well perfection, so rarely found but showcasing true Chinese tea at its very best. Sourced from Mei Jia village, hidden away in the hills surrounding West Lake. The exquisite spears are lightly fired to deliver classic chestnut notes and to tease out beautiful floral aromas and a smooth and syrupy texture.

JING WILD WUYI GOLD (£63.00) – A favourite black tea amongst Beijing tea connoisseurs renowned for its rich, seamless and complete flavour. Handpicked by artisans from ancient 100-year-old trees, JING Wild Wuyi Gold is one of the most exclusive black teas available in the UK.

JING 1970s WENGE LOOSE RAW PUERH (£67.00) – An extremely rare and beautifully aged, loose raw puerh from the 1970s. The infusion is a magnificent ruby red-brown and has an incredibly smooth, silky and refined mouth feel and a taste reminiscent of aging forests, sandalwood and mineral complexities.


JING JASMINE SILVER NEEDLE (£20.00) – A refreshing cold tea infusion great for spring / summer. This white tea marries the finest Silver Needle with the fragrance of fresh jasmine flowers to create the perfect balance of delicate white tea and sweet jasmine aromatics.

JING PHOENIX HONEY ORCHID (£25.00) – This Oolong tea from China’s Guangdong province is a seductive shade of amber, with complex notes of orange, vanilla and honey.

Vicky Ilankovan – Lifestyle Editor

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