Jamie Wei Huang – A Lesson In Layering

7th March 2019

Candid’s Fashion & Grooming Editor, Ross Pollard reviews Jamie Wei Huang for autumn/winter 2019.

The sun was out, a new venue for me, The Garden Museum, awaited and a stroll down the Thames set me in a good mood for what was my first show of London Fashion Week – Jamie Wei Huang.

Jamie Wei Huang

Jamie Wei Huang is a designer that I adore, so it was with a happy disposition that I bowled into the bright gravelled space and awaited the doors opening.

There was a buzz in the air as the fashion pack eagerly awaited the latest collection from the Taiwanese designer, and expectations were high.

We were greeted with an almost androgynous selection of layering and knits: cable patterns with shapely presence sat against simple checks, puffers and more tailored elements. One of the reasons I’m such a huge Jamie Wei Huang fan is her attention to detail, and in a collection that could have so easily slipped into being overly busy or chaotic, was dancing on the right side of perfection.

The riots of colour and pattern came together to present a youthful yet refined melody of texture, levels and as each look passed by, intricacy.

Whether it be the several tones of the same hue, or the ting flashes of a completely off-look splash nudging its head out, the looks were well worth a second and third observance to drink in the sumptuous buffet of style.

Regular Candid readers will know I love a cardigan, and I love a big scarf, so cardigans and big scarves together – I was in autumn/winter heaven.

The addition of contrasting colour in the chunky piping brought forth a feel of the garments having a skeleton, a structure that like an old building with an iron frame amongst the bricks, has been given a new focus as a feature.

Jamie Wei Huang

Once again Jamie Wei Huang has understood how to knit youthful gaiety and forms into a whole. This is a collection that breathes ‘wear me, live in me, enjoy me and the world of brightness’, and as I left The Garden Museum it wasn’t just the air that had spring in it, it was my step as well.

Photographs by Marc Aitken.

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