Italian Gin Brunch Passo, Shoreditch

17th September 2018

Shoreditch has always been more known for its vibrant nightlife than its brunch offerings, but things are changing with the likes of Passo opening recently and bringing a touch of the tranquil Italian way of life to hectic east London. They've partnered with VII Hills Italian dry gin to offer a tasty weekend brunch that brings the best of Italy to the centre of Shoreditch.

The relaxed vibes of the restaurant lend itself superbly well to the brunch format. With high ceilings, abundant use of light wood and smart-looking copper and wicker lampshades, it all helps to create a casual and welcoming environment for diners. They have an outside terrace space for the warm summer days or you can be in their main restaurant area to observe the culinary theatre of their open kitchen.

VII Hills is so named because of the seven botanicals used in the gin being collected from the seven hills that surround the Italian capital. Some of the key botanicals include pomegranate, rosehip and celery and has been designed to make the perfect Negroni, hence it was no surprise to see that famous cocktail appearing on the menu at Passo along with the likes of Aloe La Lola, which uses gin, aloe vera, soda, and lemon. Alternatively, if you want the best cure for a hangover, just ask the friendly staff for a Bloody Mary using VII Hills gin.

They have mainly breakfast options prior to 2 pm, whilst we went for their signature lunch options in the afternoon. We went for a creamy, perfectly chilled burrata for the starters which was cleverly paired with zucchini chips to give it textural variety whilst those who favour something rich and hearty should opt for the robust tomato and Parmigiano flavours of the beef and mortadella meatballs.

Their pasta dishes are what I would recommend as on a subsequent visit, I found their pizza doughs to be somewhat heavy compared to my normal preference. Tagliatelle truffle is demonstrative of the Italian style of cooking: source top quality ingredients but don't overcrowd a dish with ingredients. As you would expect from any fine Italian restaurant, the pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente texture.

For those seeking meatier dishes, opt for the pappardelle wild boar with taleggio and port sauce. The benefit of using wild boar is you still get the flavoursome taste but the feral hogs have much less fat. And of course, the gin cocktails pair superbly well with the Italian dishes on their menu.

Hopefully, you will think of Shoreditch in a different light after a visit to Passo.
For more information on Passo see here.
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