Chic Eating at 1 Lombard Street

10th January 2018

1 Lombard Street has been a firm favourite with city workers for over 15 years and it's not difficult to see why when you are situated between the majestic Mansion House, the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange and you absolutely believe it when they say this is “where the city meets for breakfast, lunch and dinner”.  On our recent visit, all the clientele were in suitably smart office attire and there wasn't a tourist in site on any table.

The Grade II-listed dates back to at least 1776 and was formerly a banking hall. The centrepiece of this neo-classical look is the glass cupola designed by Italian architect Pietro Agostini and houses the dome bar.

Their menu is as traditional as I've seen in a long while, but that's what works well with their typical clientele. I do like the fact their menu has plenty of options where you can choose a particular dish as a starter or a main course and it's relatively vegetarian-friendly.

In a moment of indulgence, I opted for the lobster spaghetti as the first course. More work could have been done on the plating, as similar dishes elsewhere often include the shell of the crustacean, which would have made the dish look more impressove. The spaghetti itself could have been cooked for a slightly shorter amount of time to ensure a more al dente texture, but the flavour itself was very winsome. You can't go wrong with fresh cherry tomatoes and luscious tasting lobster meat and they certainly didn't skimp on the latter with mouthfuls of lobster meat interspersed with the spaghetti.

The smoked haddock main course was a solid concoction of rich, creamy flavours. The haddock was firm, fresh and filling especially when it was paired with colcannon and having the delicious yolk from the poached egg seep into the haddock is one of the simple culinary joys of life. The mustard dressing could have been slightly stronger, but this was overall a dish that was a joyous crowd-pleaser.

Coffee crème brûlée seems like an obvious idea for chefs to come up with, but surprisingly it isn't a dish I've come across in countless restaurant visits. Their version here isn't the most visually appealing, but the luxurious taste with the perfect caramelisation and the kick from the coffee liqueur almost inspired me to try and recreate this at home. However, if time is an important commodity which is the case for most Londoners, I would recommend simply heading down to No1. Lombard Street and enjoy a classy experience.
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