Introducing BIG HORN – Award-Winning Sunglasses from Hong Kong

23rd May 2017

Say hello to Kevin Ching, designer of BIG HORN – an eyewear brand that is turning heads in Italy, America, Hong Kong and beyond.
BIG HORN was launched in Hong Kong by Kevin Ching in 2012, taking its name from the rhinoceros – an animal that Kevin has more than an affinity for. The designer, who started his career in aviation, moved into to fashion with a goal of designing eyewear that would capture the imagination of not just his ‘fans' but design judging panels the world over. BIG HORN has two collections: Fashion Creative Collection and Extravaganza, and aside from collecting awards in a scattering of countries, the brand has been gaining momentum with stylists, celebrities and influencers drawn to the quirky styles and precision craftsmanship. We worked with BIG HORN for the cover shoot for our upcoming print issue – The Luxury Issue – and spoke to Kevin about BIG HORN and his upcoming journey to London where he'll be joining us at the Grooming Room over London Fashion Week Men's.

Hi Kevin, what’s is the name about? Why BIG HORN?
About the name for my brand, I designed my brand logo. I love rhino, because I feel that they are strong and energetic. However, I wanted to let everybody know that my brand is creative. Therefore, I enlarged the size of the horn for the rhino. It is fully representative of what my brand image is. It is creative, outstanding, strong, and energetic. Fashion always requires more creative elements and synergies for making good designs for everybody.

BIG HORN Haino+S sunglasses

You’re based in Hong Kong. Where are your collections sold?
I have distributors in different countries, including, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. For Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, and Russia, I am talking with different distributors – they have an interest in my brand and products.

BIG HORN Jayama frames

You’ve won several awards recently. Can you tell us about them and what it means for the brand?
In fact, I have won different awards from different countries:
My design Owl won International Design Awards 2015-2016 with Honourable Mention award from USA.
My brand won the Merit in The Best Young Property of Hong Kong Licensing Awards 2015.
My design Butterfly won “A” Design Award 2016-2017 from Italy (bronze).
My design Butterfly won International Design Award 2016-2017 from USA (bronze).
My design Foldable Backpack won the finalist on Hong Kong Smart Design Award 2017.

I worked in the aviation industry before joining the fashion industry. I love design and therefore I believed that I could create my own label, BIG HORN. I wanted my design and brand to be recognised by judging panels in international design awards, not just to be a brand for me. If the brand was not getting that recognition, it would be difficult to be recognised by the public. Also, I wanted to share my designs with everybody, and let everybody know that design is very important. Creativity and design could make changes on everything.  It is a similar philosophy to Steve Jobs: “Stay foolish, stay hungry”.

BIG HORN Jahana+S sunglasses

BIG HORN was used on the photo shoot for our cover star for the next print issue, are you looking forward to seeing your sunglasses on a British star in a British magazine?
It is so wonderful and important for me and my brand.
In fact, I would hope to bring my brand to Europe, especially to the UK. It is because London is one of the biggest fashion design places and markets. Many people hope to study fashion design in London in the famous colleges. Also, [the UK] has always trained many, many designers, and fostered many, many famous designers. It is a wonderful place for fashion and fashion designers. Eyewear is one fashion accessory; if my brand could have any crossover with different fashion designers in [the UK], and fashion designers have an interest to use my eyewear for their catwalk shows, it would be so amazing for my brand. Furthermore, London has many famous celebrities. It is so wonderful and appreciated that celebrities have an interest in my design products.

Beside Danny Jones, I would like to see BIG HORN on Brooklyn Beckham, Tom Hughes, Eddie Redmayne, Daniel Radcliffe, Kate Middleton, Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, and Alex Watson, etc. I would like to participate in that if I could really have such chances.

BIG HORN Jayama frames

We’ll be welcoming you to London in June over London Fashion Week Men’s for the Grooming Room. What are you most looking forward to when you’re in London?
For Grooming Room, this is the private event for press and celebrities. I would hope to know more celebrities and introduce my brand and designs to them. I would hope that I make the friendship with all different people. I would be so happy if they love my design and brand. It is the ideal place and time for me to introduce my brand, and know more influencers in the UK. Also, I would hope to build the strong relationship with Candid Magazine and Grooming Room too.

BIG HORN Haino+S sunglasses

What is your favourite pair of BIG HORN sunglasses?
All my designs in my collections I love. I would like to design and sell what I love for everybody. I will select the below styles for highlight:
Owl is one of the most favourite design pairs. This is my first creative design eyewear. Many people like this style too. Also, it brought the first award from International Design Award (2015) from USA.

Also, I love the style of Haino+S and Jahana+S respectively. These two sunglasses have special designs and colours that match with my brand image.  Danny Jones wore Jahana+S for the cover of the coming issue of Candid Magazine.
For optical style, I like Jayama style. I like the shape with different angles. It looks chic, unique, and elegant.

BIG HORN Jahana+S sunglasses

Anything exciting coming up with the brand in the future?
I will put more energy into developing 2018 styles and hope to attract more fans.  The styles for the Fashion Creative Collection will be designed. I am using the theme of ‘Circus’ for this collection. I hope that people will love them.

For business, I would like to find the good distributor and stockists in [the] UK and Europe. I hope that we will bring my designs and brand to these markets.
For social media, I would hope that I will have followers who agree with my vision.
I hope more and more brands will make more designs for the world and people. As a result, buyers and end users can select their own style and choice for daily use.
See BIG HORN and meet Kevin Ching at the Grooming Room on the 11th and 12th of June at Century Club. For more information: [email protected]

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