Influencer vs. Influencer: Warren Pasi interviews Roberto Malizia

8th June 2018
Candid's Warren Pasi introduces readers to Roberto Malizia, aka “The Australian fashion scene is full of ‘it girl’ style influencers but when it comes to men’s’ style influencers, the Australian group of guys is small”.

When I was thinking of which man-of-style I should profile for Candid there was no doubt I would have to interview the Italian style stallion taking the Australian fashion scene by storm, Roberto Malizia – also known by his handle on Instagram. This week I sat down with Roberto to talk all things style and his take on the world of fashion bloggers.
Roberto Malizia
So, tell us about yourself and your blog
I’m a digital content creator. I started about three years ago mainly using Instagram. I have only created my blog recently though. I’m very lazy with blog posting so I use it more as business card. You can find all the information about me, who I have worked with and all my photos on my website.
Being an influencer isn’t exactly the first career choice for anyone who works in the fashion industry; so how did you first get into blogging?

I started to have fun. I had a friend who is my current photographer, Marco Marroni. We started hanging out in the city taking photos. [I] started for the passion ­– never seen it as a business.
How would you describe your personal style and is there a person in fashion who inspires you?

I like to think that my personal style is unique. I like to go from streetwear to suiting and mix it. Nick Wooster is the reason I fell in love with fashion.
What are three menswear brands you love and why?

TOM FORD – I don’t think I have to explain why; Salvatore Ferragamo – the class and quality behind this brand goes above and beyond and Giorgio Armani – I love the cuts and fit of his clothes – so Italian, I love it
Roberto Malizia
Anyone who follows your Instagram would know you’re from Italy, so what can Australian men learn from Italian men about style?

A lot of things I would say [laughs].
What does a typical day in the life of Roberto Malizia look like?

I like my routine, so I usually get up, exercise, then off to meetings or shoots or fly to Sydney, as I have been doing often for the last few months.
A lot of influencers are using their Instagram to launch other businesses and we heard you are launching your own clothing brand. Can you tell us about it?
Yes, having a network, it’s definitely a big support if you are launching a label. Getting support in the brand promotion is lots easier if you are established – FURY June 2018 watch out!
Roberto Malizia
With a clothing brand launching soon where else do you see yourself as an influencer in the next year?

I have never seen myself as an influencer. I really don’t like this word. I want to keep working with brands as I have been doing but I just want to be myself and do good things in the fashion industry. I really want to get away from the word ‘influencer’ but definitely my main focus will be FURY.
It’s no secret that many influencers do paid posts and now legally, if you are being paid, you have to declare that it’s a paid partnership; have you done paid posts and if so do you think your audience cares?

Do we actually have to declare that? I didn’t know.
Roberto Malizia
I know you’ve recently signed to management and a lot of us have managers – some in-house and others, like yourself, are signed to an agency. How is life having a manager now and what are your tips for influencers who are thinking of signing to management?

Well, I have to say, I’m very hard to manage. Benji, my current manager is also a very good friend and gets my attitude and personality, that’s why he is the only one able to handle me. My tips for someone who is starting now would be definitely to get onto an agency, they are important for promoting you to events, and to build your network reach.
What Is your advice for any newbies wanting to become an influencer?

Just go to school, kids. Study and get a proper job.

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