Interview – Parker Young: Hollywood’s Next Big Thing

13th July 2017

After years of small yet memorable television parts and now in a starring role on Bravo’s new scripted series Imposters, actor Parker Young is proving to be the next big thing. With his striking good looks and undeniable wit and charm, Parker is finally beginning to feel like the Hollywood contender he had always hoped to become.

When was the moment you really felt like you would ‘make it’? What advice would you give to your former self first starting out in the business? And who is that adorable little sidekick in several of your Instagram posts? We get the full scoop from Parker in this very candid conversation.

Parker wears a shirt by Prada, jumper by Zanerobe and jacket by Comme de Garçons

Early on in your career, was there one specific acting job that reinforced your belief that you would in fact ‘make it’ in this rather competitive acting business?
Yeah, I remember very vividly when I got the phone call when I booked the pilot for Suburgatory. I wasn’t even a series regular; it was a recurring guest star. I booked this role and I remember when I got the phone call, they were hanging up, I remember crying and thinking, “Now at least if it doesn’t work out and I have to become a waiter, now I at least have ‘done it.’ I got my foot in the tiniest crack of the door.” I remember feeling so relieved in that moment that finally I had accomplished something. After years of being out here, grinding, and all my buddies and friends are at college having fun and I’m like out here chasing this dream, with little success up to that. That was kind of a defining moment for me.

Your Instagram posts often feature an adorable little lady by the name of Stella. Can you tell me a little bit about her and what exactly she brings to your life?
Oh man, I love Stella so much. She is a three and a half-pound teacup poodle. Stella, she goes everywhere. She is way too cultured. Stella has been to a handful of museums and movies; travelled a bunch––quite the cultured little girl.

Shirt by Alexander McQueen, trousers by Boris, belt by Hugo boss

I hear you are quite the outdoorsman. Where did this desire come about? When you are not on-set, what is your ideal way to unwind?
I think growing up in Arizona I sort of developed my love for being outdoors. I grew up in the desert and I remember very vividly after school, me and my buddy would dress up in camouflage and just spend hours just roaming around in the desert, playing make-believe. That was just kind of my happy place. My dad would take me out hiking and I just fell in love with being outdoors. And now, I really love camping, man. When I get a chance, there’s few things that help me to unwind better than getting out in the middle of nowhere, where my phone doesn’t work, having a little campfire and falling asleep under the stars; nothing better than that for me.

Let’s talk fashion for a moment. What looks or style intrigues you most for 2017?
Classic jeans and a t-shirt. I love a pair of boots, a good pair of boots with the rugged bottom. I think that function is most important. Something I can jump on my motorcycle with, get dirty, go camping, go for a hike. Just a simple, classic look.

How would you say your fashion choices have evolved through the years?
When I first moved to LA, it was easy getting caught up in what’s cool: the funky sneakers or the deep V-necks––trying to be hip and cool, wearing Ed Hardy, things like that. I have definitely outgrown a lot of those things, but I also appreciate dressing up more now. I appreciate a nice, tailored suit; an expensive shirt; a nice pair of dress shoes. I think I used to shy away from those things more when I was younger, but I appreciate the opportunity to dress up.

Shirt by Prada, jumper by Zanerobe, jacket by Comme de Garçons, trousers by Diesel

If you have an industry party or a red carpet event to attend, what is the go-to designer suit you reach for in your closet?
Well, I’m still trying to find my favourite designer. It will probably end up being the one who offers to give me a suit, at the time. The ones that I have right now, I have a Burberry suit that I really like. Brooks Brothers gave me a really nice suit recently that I love. I have a Tom Ford shirt that is way too expensive, but looks incredible. Those are my favourites right now.

If you could go back to the Parker just starting out in the acting business right after high school, what advice or warning would you give to yourself then, knowing and experiencing everything you have up to now?
That’s a great question…
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Interview by Jeff Conway
Photography by Joe Simpson
Fashion by Jonathan Keith
Grooming by Sarah Huggins
Hair by Joe Espinosa
Shot for Candid Magazine on location in Malibu

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