Huawei Watch 2 Launch at Saatchi Gallery

11th May 2017

Last week the Candid Team got a dose of art, tech and fashion as we checked out the launch of WATCH 2 from Huawei at Saatchi's latest exhibition, ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression'.

The exhibition, sponsored by tech giant Huawei, is a tour de force where art and tech meet at the Saatchi. Attendees were invited to engage with art like never before.  Using phones to ‘like' famous paintings in one room, and interact with screens which morphed one's appearance in another. There was also a moving sculpture, portraits and a living ‘selfie' wall which was populated by gallery visitors.  Also on display were some famous self-portraits throughout the years from Andy Warhol to Kim Kardashian.

After a guided tour of the immersive exhibition space (which spans 2 floors!), we were invited to an intimate cocktail reception at Saatchi's MESS restaurant. Inside MESS, we were given the chance to demo the latest offering from Huawei the smart WATCH2; before taking our very own watch home.

WATCH2 specs

In between sipping champagne and snacking on gourmet fare, we learnt about how the new watch is outpacing the competition. Firstly comes the watch's game-changing ability to work on it's own, with independent connectivity. Meaning you can actually go on a run with just your watch and remain connected. Better yet, is the ability to stay connected if you happen to forget your phone at home.
The device is capable of all the necessities, from android pay and making calls to sending WhatsApp messages. Another important note for those who have not yet made the switch from Apple to Android is that the WATCH2 is capable of pairing with either Android or iOS operating systems. A collective sigh of relief was heard in the room when this feature was announced.

Other top specs include the ability to switch on training mode, which will offer quick start running guides. Whether you choose ‘fat burning' or ‘cardio‘ is up to you. We love that it also provides guidance and tracks exercise, while monitoring your heart rate.  It can even detect the number of times you stand up after long periods. Perfect for the busy fashion month ahead, where traditional exercise often takes a back seat to mad dashes show to show around the city.


Those with fashion on the brain needn't worry about the WATCH2 cramping their sartorial style. With a standard chronograph design and ceramic bezel, the device will seamlessly work with your existing wrist wear and wardrobe. There is also the option to choose from a wide selection of  faces or to download branded ones from your favourite designers.

We'll leave you with this quote from Huawei CEO Richard Yu which sums up the unique positioning of the Watch2.

‘In today’s fragmented information age, the real function of technology is to provide convenience and connectivity without intruding on your daily life. We wanted to make a product that suits those individuals who wish to explore the limits of their own expression, while still being bound by a need to stay connected.'

Available on from 3rd May 2017. 
Huawei Watch 2 is priced between  £329 – £409
For more information please visit the official site here

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