How CBD Is Bridging Generations

4th September 2019

Everyone from your auntie to your grandma to your little brother can enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. The stats say everybody is using it!

Anybody who keeps up with the latest fashion trends will know about CBD. Shining endorsements from A-lists celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Seth Rogen go a long way to show how widespread the CBD hype train has really travelled.

This has caused an incredible amount of people from different walks of life to take an interest in the cannabis extract.

2018 was definitely the year that CBD made its mark on society that just won’t wash away. Its growth saw the opening of cafes and restaurants all around the UK and Ireland with CBD-infused items on the menu, as well as CBD vendors in just about every major city and all across the internet.

This has made CBD accessible to just about anybody with the desire to go and purchase it, and the statistics are suggesting that they are.

A Study in CBD’s Demographic

A study was conducted into the ages and reasons behind the people who consume CBD. It may come to your surprise then that 60% of CBD consumers are female and 31% of users are between the ages of 35 and 49.

In fact, research time and time again shows that the main demographic for CBD products are millennial women in their mid to late thirties. Which initially may be surprising but it actually makes sense when you think about it.

With a keen eye on the fashion industry and with the advent of social media, the modern day woman has more instantaneous access to the latest trends than ever before. Also, good quality CBD oil is more affordable for the more financially secure upper-millennial generation in their late thirties than their lower-millennial compadres in their mid-20s.

However, both age groups from 26-34 and 50-60 made up 22% of the vote. Meaning that just as many middle aged folk are consuming CBD compared to the younger generations. This stat ultimately confirms that CBD has truly bridged the gap between generations that generally disagree on a lot of modern day issues. Which just shows how powerful CBD has become.

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