Opinion: Gucci, Gucci, Good – Gucci Says Goodbye To Fur

16th October 2017

On a mild October morning, Gucci found themselves spread across the headlines and social media. They had made an announcement that they would end their use of fur in their clothes and the remaining stock from existing collections will be auctioned off and proceeds donated to animal charities. Yet another fashion giant has turned a corner and left fur behind.


That's a good thing you would think. They are leaving behind one of the scars of the fashion industry to be modern and more ethical. Well, there were some that disagreed. Various lobby groups tried to get onto social media and news outlets to complain about the company's choice.


In 2017 there are groups that will actively attack a business that says ‘no more fur’. They tried to talk about choice, but don’t respect the one Gucci made and want them to reverse it. They say they want ethical fashion, then say wild trapping, which can leave animals bleeding to death in pain and fear is a positive thing. They say that it’s ok to keep animals just to kill them for clothing.


Well it’s not, fur is a disgusting business. It’s a business that is cruel and barbaric and I’m happy that business by business, catwalk show by catwalk show, customer by customer, the fight against the use of fur is being won. This is my personal belief, and you may have yours, but if you are pro-fur, you need to own the responsibility for what you wear, the responsibility of the blood sacrifice it required. You need to accept that for many, what you do is just wrong; so very wrong.


What you don’t get to own is a victim status. You don’t get to pretend you’ve been picked on, that you’ve been treated unfairly. Fur is a choice. You choose to have a series of animals grow up with very little quality of life, to then be killed for that coat you love. You don’t get the right to say that other people's views are unfair because you didn’t care how it was made, or what it was made from.


While Gucci’s announcement is a turn for good, animal rights campaigners will keep talking to labels. They’ll keep talking to customers, they’ll keep making the case for their beliefs. They won’t be sated by this victory. They aren’t going away until every animal at risk from this industry is safe. Because it’s really very simple: fur is murder.


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Gucci Autumn/Winter 2017 images by Indigital.

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