GONG Bar Launches New Cocktail Menu  

16th May 2017

GONG Bar launches brand new cocktail menu: Director’s Cut
One of the most eagerly awaited cocktail menu launches of the year, GONG Bar spent over a year to invent, trial and prepare their innovative creations. The bar has been renowned for not just their jaw-dropping views of London from the 52nd floor of the Shard, but also their ground-breaking concoctions. They change their cocktail offerings yearly and their latest version is the Director’s Cut. It is a celebration of the great directors of our time and their passionate, cinematic artwork.

There are five themes with four cocktails each: Adventure/Fantasy; Romantic/SciFi; Thriller/Drama; Crime/Action and Animation/ Superhero. The categories match the flavour profiles of the cocktails, so Adventure/ Fantasy blends are delicate and refreshing whilst Romantic/SciFi are more fruity. Thriller/Drama involves a clash between sweet and sour flavours, Crime/Action are the punchier, full-flavoured beverage options and finally, Animation/Superhero are for the young and young-at-heart with their herbal and earthy non-alcoholic tastes.

Fear The Jungle
Vienna to Versailles

Each cocktail has as much craftsmanship as shown by the leading directors of our times. Their unique preparation makes a journey to the rarefied heights of the Shard well worth it: cold coffee brewed with pineapple and coriander and pine needles and honey infused into New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Inspired by Steven Spielberg and Jurassic Park, Fear The Jungle contains BarSol Quebranta Pisco, banana, pineapple skin sherbet, lime and xocolatl mole. It is a cocktail not for the faint-hearted as it comes with a real scorpion shipped all the way from Thailand as a garnish. Whilst it might come across as gimmicky, it is genuinely tropical, fresh and fruity, without a hint of spuriousness.

Fleming Sweep
Hypnoid State
Alfred Hitchcock
Hidden Self

Feel the Force inspired by George Lucas comes with a dark side and a light side version: the dark side having manzanilla, Campari, chilli and pomegranate whilst the light side features coconut and glacial pastis along with Grey Goose Vodka. It is served in a levitating glass that brings endless enjoyment on its own.

Of the stronger cocktails to try, I would suggest Dirty Business, which has a more complex taste from one of our favourite spirits, Woodford Reserve along with Mr. Black Coffee liqueur, Fernet amaro and stout reduction. It is as intense and dark as any of the Martin Scorsese classics you might have seen.

A Cat With No Name
Feel The Force
Wingardium Leviosa
History Became Legend

Having dropped their requirements for a minimum spend of £30 per person recently, there is even more reason to ascend the heights of GONG Bar soon.

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