Golden Dragon Arrives At Bang Bang, Colindale

18th October 2017

One of the main highlights of the newly opened, Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall complex is their headline restaurant, Golden Dragon. With 300 covers and a classic Hong Kong style décor; this restaurant has already been winning over North Londoners who have not been well served since the closure of original Oriental City a number of years ago. Their original branch in Chinatown has been opened for over 20 years and is widely regarded as one of the leading lights on Cantonese cuisine in London.

They offer traditional dim sum from noon to 5 pm daily, but if you want to experience something slightly more exotic then you should try ordering off their specials menu which contains many dishes you will struggle to find elsewhere. They have some exciting combinations like pan-fried scallops with foie gras, although we ended up trying the freshly steamed version with garlic and vermicelli. You will find in Cantonese cookery, they using the steaming technique a lot to retain the freshness of a dish and the vermicelli in this case readily soaks up the flavours from the sauce and the scallop.

Abalone, the world's most valuable shellfish is often served for special occasions in Chinese banquets. The flavours of this sea snail give dishes an unmistakable rich taste and they offer the ultimate bourgeois dish here with abalone mixed with steamed rice. Fish maw is one of those ingredients that is wonderfully absorbent and readily soaks up the flavours of nearby ingredients, but you probably don't want to know where it actually comes from. At Golden Dragon, it is lovingly braised in an abalone sauce and is an outstanding example of the intricate preparation works that goes into a lot of Cantonese dishes that diners are generally unaware of.

We've already discussed vermicelli earlier, but this tasty ingredient made another appearance in our main course dish of satay crab pot. Apart from the satay sauce, it is packed with chilli, peppers, garlic and other herbs and packed a powerful punch in terms of taste. They've helpfully chosen crabs which are relatively meaty and had a soft shell which was easy to crack open; although this was still an extremely fiddly dish to tackle.
If you are friendly with the staff there, they will regularly offer you a complimentary dessert such as gingko barley with yuba. Yuba is made from soybeans and just one of those healthy unknown ingredients that are waiting to be discovered on the mainstream London dining scene.

With so many authentic Cantonese dishes to discover, Golden Dragon is the place to visit when you are looking for your next adventure into the wild side.
Golden Dragon is open from 12:00pm to 10:30pm in the Bang Gang food hall. For more details, click here
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