German Sneaker Sophistication: VOR

8th May 2019

When it comes to sneakers, there's no such thing as reinventing the wheel. The wheel can, however, always be improved and that's just what the German premium shoe brand VOR has done. Our Fashion Editor, Thomas Falkenstedt, as always prides himself on seeking out the best sneaker brands out there.

Now, Germans making shoes isn't something revolutionary. A country housing names such as adidas and Puma, and thus basically owning the sneaker industry, has a long tradition of making sneakers we all love.

When I stumbled upon VOR on Instagram, at first glance actually had no clue I was dealing with a German brand.

Subtle German elegance.

Premium design

When getting in touch with the brand I realised I'de hit jackpot when it comes to sneakermania.

VOR is about premium design, which can be found in everything from the clean silhouettes to the cleverly designed boxes.

They always work with the best premium materials adding some delicious spices to the big mass of footwear products.

VOR doesn't see itself as competing with anyone else in the industry, really. They are made for customers who seek a premium experience without any compromises to design.

I don't want to badmouth any country in particular, but a boot-shaped country in southern Europe often fails at combining these two aspects.

In a league of their own.

Being before you

VOR has their HQ in Munich and the Co-founders, Andreas Klingseisen and Joerg Rohwer-Kahlmann, are proud of their German heritage, which comes across in everything from business planning, design and the name itself.

Vor as a word literally means being before you. Being an opinion leader in your very own sense. Being free. Free of any trends any seasonal pressure or fashion-industry enforced ideals.

Premium sneakers without compromises.

A sneaker empire

The duo from Munich haven't been on the lax side. Since the start 2010, they now have a high-end online sneaker empire and make well-thought-out shoes with a lot of detail, without being loud or in your face – subtle elegance, discreetly different to its competitors in their niche.

Check out the rest of the VOR collection on their homepage.

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