Full Of Surprises, STK London

5th February 2019

STK is a brand we know very well at Candid Magazine, having personally visited their Ibiza branch a few years ago, so we decided to check out STK London to see how well the brand has been holding up recently. The buzzing, there “to see and been seen” vibe is still ever present, although you have to suspect it is more of the reality star variety than the old school Hollywood glamour type. 

The decor is showing signs of ageing with the sharp purple lights, spotless white leather banquettes, and shimmering wire sculpture centrepiece feeling like they belong to a bygone era pre-the financial crisis, where excess was still in vogue. The music was equally retro-friendly with numerous girls aloud songs on their playlist and the volume seemed permanently stuck on high.

Their food menu is pleasingly more accessible these days especially if you opt for something like their pre-theatre set menus. There is something for everyone here and yes, that includes vegetarian options even at a renowned steakhouse. I enjoyed the way their oaked smoked salmon was chopped up in a chunky fashion interspersed with seeded lavash bread for textural variety and a hint of sweetness with the beetroot texture.

I am not one to plump for the spring panzanella salad when I see it on a menu, but I was mightily impressed with the selection of vegetables on offer which included asparagus, radish, peas, lamb lettuce and fennel amongst the bowl of fresh looking greenery.

They might be offering a less expensive cut of steak in the form of the tri-tip, but it was no less tender or juicy than the best cuts from most other steakhouses. The fact that it was USDA grain-fed might be the main contributing reason for the high quality of their meat. It comes served with STK sauce and french fries but they have an endless list of sides to supplement your meal including mouthwatering options like lobster mac and cheese and Hendrick's gin cucumber and tomato salad.

The other main course we chose was the corn-fed BBQ chicken breast; once again a dish I would not normally order, but their version was remarkably well-marinated and the meat retained the right amount of tenderness and the dish was served with celery and olive crushed potatoes.
To finish off our meal, we shared a classic New York cheesecake, which was dense and robust and filled with exotic flavours from the mango & rosemary compote, mango crisp and mango sorbet.

If you can excuse the dated music and decor, there is still much to enjoy on their menu from this iconic brand.

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