Shorts: Forget Me Not

22nd March 2019

Forget Me Not is a short film set during the Christmas period in inner city London, under a busy intersection. Our main character is homeless man Benedict portrayed by James Cosmo (Lord Commander, Game of Thrones), who spends his mornings receiving a cup of coffee from Jack (John Heffernan) and his days on the streets characterised by asking for money and keeping dibs on his favourite spot to sleep.

Things start to change when one evening a seemingly lost girl (Ruby Royle) gifts him with a teddy bear, which disappears every morning. Unlike most films with a twist ending, Forget Me Not is filled with hope rather than despair. The film moves at a steady pace, picking up momentum and planting seeds for the audience to follow to the end; its’ ability to carry you away is felt when a 25-minute runtime feels like 10. As the three main characters continue their days through London the picture of how the three connect becomes clearer.

Forget Me Not Candid Magazine
Forget Me Not – A Christmas story about the triumph of hope, highlighting homelessness. Starring James Cosmo, John Heffernan & Ruby Royle. Directed by Nicholas Goulden. Produced by Angela Godfrey. Production Company Keen City.

The film itself has been a while in production, opting to be funded through Kickstarter, this has allowed director Nicholas Goulden and producer Angela Godfrey to be independent and create a moving film that will fill you with tears of joy. Tackling the issue of homelessness during the Christmas period in the bitingly cold winter months it is hard not to sympathise with Benedict, who is just after all a human being ignored by society. In the short run-time the actors give it their all to convey as much as they can with minimal dialogue in some scenes.

By the time the film ended there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Focusing on his humanity in relation to the other characters in a way that isn’t cloying or sentimental, Benedict is affable and lashes out at one point but immediately feels regret. Forget Me Not will soon be making its way round short film festivals and while it is best viewed in winter, a hopeful tear-jerker is perfect for any season.


Words by Sunny Ramgolam @SunnyRamgolam.

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