Focus: Will Joseph Cook

23rd September 2016

For those unfamiliar with the fantastic Will Joseph Cook, he is a young but incredibly talented chap from Tunbridge Wells who has been putting out irresistibly catchy and dance worthy tracks for a while now, gaining the attention of several Radio1 DJs, as well as the staff here at Candid. Comparable to Darwin Deez and Everything Everything, it was awesome to get a chance to talk to him.

What first inspired you to start writing, or has this been something you have always done?
I’m pretty sure it was just being exposed to a lot of live music as a young teenager. My dad took me to a lot of shows and I quickly romanticised the idea of making music. There was a definite tipping point in which I decided I wanted to be on the other end of a live performance, which naturally led me onto writing and playing.

Who would you call out as your biggest influences?
Here are some of my most important first albums: Eels – Beautiful Freak, Phoenix – Wolf Gang Amadeus , MGMT – Oracular Spectacular, Darwin Deez – Darwin Deez, Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend, Calvin Harris – Disco Heat, Everything Everything – Man Alive, LCD Soundsystem – LCD Soundsystem.

To put you on the spot, who would your dream collaboration be?
So before you’ve turned 20, you’ve already released a back catalogue of successful tracks, gotten signed to Atlantic, and have been compared to the likes of Foals, Alt-J and Everything Everything – What’s next on your hit list, any goals you’re aiming for?
Put an album out and tour it, meet new people and see the world a bit. I also really hope that the music reaches people that I admire and want to work with. The more opportunities to make music I love, the better.
I first heard Hearse about a year ago on Annie Mac’s show, what has been the impact of that national exposure, and how are you dealing with the spotlight?
It has only ever been a good thing; radio still has such a power to reach millions of people instantly. I wouldn’t say there has been any feeling of being in the spotlight yet.

What’s the story behind Take Me Dancing, and was the video as fun to film as it looks?
Take me Dancing is essentially an ode to life’s best moments, cycling through exciting and unexpected memories. The video was a lot of fun to make for sure, the concept of that was to create a hedonistic and unexpected memory within a mundane, everyday setting.

You’ve got a lot of shows booked up over the coming months (See you in Nottingham, by the way, hah) – Are there any in particular that you’re looking forward to, any favourite cities to go out in?
I’m excited to play in Brighton as it’s my end, have seen many gigs in Brighton so it’s always nice to play there. Also super pumped for the London show as well as it’s the biggest headline show so far. Oh and of course NOTTINGHAM NUMBER ONE! WWWOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Speaking of shows, you’ve got a sold out show with DNCE coming up in Islington, have the nerves set in or have you conquered that stage fright?
I’m nervy before every show but usually it’s a positive thing. That said, sometimes large crowds send my brain into a bit of a fuzz and I’ll forget a lyric or something. I’m sure it’s just something beaten through experience though.

What are you listening to at the minute?
Been really into this track called Frank by Jordan Britton recently, also listening to Dent May today.
Okay, last one, big question – What is your favourite movie?
Too many faves to choose just one but recently I got round to watching Being John Malkovich and that was amazing. In terms of new films I enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane a lot, I thought that was sick.
Will Joseph Cook will be touring in the UK from October 2nd, and you can find him in all the usual places as @WillJosephCook on Twitter and @WillJosephCookMusic on Facebook. The video for his latest single Sweet Dreamer has been released today.

Words by Morton Piercewright

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