Focus: Symmetry

10th October 2016

Just to start, I need to say how absolutely thrilled I am to write about this band. Los Angeles band Symmetry have been working to the bone over the last few years, touring the world and pumping out utterly addictive pop rock. Including tours with Third Eye Blind, James Arthur, Don Broco and McBusted, Symmetry are now set to release a new album, debuting their new single Gotta Wake You Up in September, followed by a UK tour before the end of the year.

GWYU is a relentlessly catchy effort in the vein of All American Rejects and You Me at Six, but with Mike’s unique falsetto, driven by the incredibly talented band behind him. I nagged these budding rockstars for an interview before they get too famous, and we caught up last week:
Hey guys! Just some introductions for the uninitiated, who are Symmetry, who plays what?
Mike Campbell – vocals
Jared Hara- guitar
Max D'Anda – drums
Will Weiner – bass

So your new single Gotta Wake You Up is out and already getting radio play and positive reviews, can we expect more like this on the album?
Gotta Wake You Up stands out as more of a ballad in comparison to the rest of the album which was the aim; we wanted a slower tempo song. It's a great representation of what we are capable of dynamically. A good song is a good song to us; it doesn't have to sound a specific way for us to enjoy what we're playing.
symmetryHow was GWYU written/ recorded? What was your inspiration?
We actually co-wrote this song with a man named Mike Raphael whom we met while on tour with McBusted awhile back. He had previously worked with James Bourne (Mcbusted, Busted) and we all really liked his style. We have always written our own music 100%. This time we wanted to try out writing with someone that had some great experience and see how it felt. First experience was a success and we aren't opposed to it in the future. The song was produced and recorded at our home studio here in LA.

You have previously toured with James Arthur, Third Eye Blind, McBusted, Don Broco, and now you're touring with Knox Hamilton and Coasts – How do you survive with the stresses of touring?
As stressful as touring can be, it keeps us alive and feeling like a cohesive unit. We are each other's therapy when things get rough. Touring keeps us feeling alive and it's something we all genuinely enjoy doing together.

What is next? Who would you love to tour with?
New album coming this winter! Would love to tour with Blink 182 or Good Charlotte.

Any plans for another UK tour coming up?
Our goal is to return this winter.
And of course, if you could collaborate with any other band/ artist out there, who would you pick?
Maroon 5.
You can find Symmetry on all major social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter as @SymmetrytheBand, Instagram as @wearesymmetry and on YouTube.

Words by Morton Piercewright

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