Focus: The Island Club

28th May 2016

Brighton five piece The Island Club have just released their catchy psychedelic pop infused latest record Let Go. I caught up with the lads to discuss their future plans, summer wardrobes and sunshine filled playlists.
You have just returned from The Great Escape, how was it? What were some of your highlights of the weekend? 

It was incredible, the first time at the festival for most of us so we had a grand old time. Some highlights for us were definitely Mystery Jets and Kevin Garrett, Mystery Jets for the big party crowd and KG for being so talented on stage and so friendly off stage. Spotify were very hospitable to us over the weekend as well, and their artist lounge was the best place to be for downtime.
Did you get chance to see any relatively unknown/ new bands that you could recommend?
Yeah we’d whole-heartedly recommend The Big Moon, we caught their set at Komedia on the Saturday and it was incredible! Really cool people as well.
What other festivals have you got lined up this summer?
Nothing we can announce just yet!
Your new single is a proper sunshine inducing track, do you think summer suits the music you make?
Some of the music definitely! We tend to write the summeriest tracks when the weather isn’t so nice, maybe it’s a form of escapism for us or something, who knows? If people think our music can fit into the “feel-good vibe” of summer then that’s a massive compliment to us.
How are plans shaping up for an album/ EP?
Well we have another track that we want to release this year that we’re all really excited about. Other than that though we’re all itching to get writing a lot over the summer, so that we have an EP to put out at some point after our next release. We want to make sure that each track on an EP deserves to be there, so we’ll take the time to make sure the tracks are the best we can do.
How does the creative process work for you guys as a band, do you each have roles that you play or do you all chip into everything?
There are loose roles that evolved naturally. The spark of an idea will usually come from Mike and Julien. Barney and Julien have written together since before the band so they can usually piece chord structures and melodies together quickly by bouncing ideas back and forth and Sam and Dave hold the rhythm section together and have a lot of sway in shaping the dynamics of the track. These roles switch up all the time though depending on the track. Once we’ve got the music down, Mike will work on the lyrics alone.
Ok, fashion question – what is one item of clothing you would each choose as a summer wardrobe staple?
Mike – A cap… I burn very easily. Julien – A loose white shirt so I can button it down and pretend I’m in a greek yogurt commercial. That’s what people do in summer. Barney – A trusty white t-shirt. Maybe with Julien’s face on it. Dave – One of my various pairs of DM's Sam – Dungarees
What track by any artist/ band would you each pick for a summer playlist?
Mike – Washed Out – It All Feels Right Julien – Kllo – Bollide Barney – Miguel – Waves (Tame Impala Remix) Dave – Chance the Rapper – All Night Sam – Evie – Last Dinosaurs
Words by Sophia Miles

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